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Like most Mediterranean destinations, the UV in Malta can be strong. Find out monthly UV averages and practical information to stay safe.

Spain offers beautiful weather perfect to enjoy the sun, find out about monthly averages of UV in Spain, sunscreen and tanning recommendations

A general guide on swimming in Ibiza covering the best time of year to swim, jellyfish and other marine life to what to look out for

Find out about the different jellyfish in Sardinia and which to look out for including tips on what to do and ways to avoid them

Voltage in Spain: Learn about Spain's 230V supply and Type C/F plugs for hassle-free travel and suggested solutions for incompatible devices

Find out what the situation is like with mosquitoes in Crete, including mosquito species, diseases, different methods of protection and care

A comprehensive guide to mosquitoes in Ibiza covering the species, cases of mosquito-borne disease in Ibiza, the season, prevention and care

A guide on jellyfish in Ibiza covering jellyfish season, a tool for the best live bays to avoid them, which ones to look out for and more.

A guide to jellyfish in Sicily outlining the best live bays to avoid jellyfish, different species and which ones to look out for and more

A guide on mosquitoes in Sicily, including the species and those that spread mosquito-borne diseases, preventing bites and treatments

A comprehensive guide on the differences between Malta and Mallorca broken down by category for scenery, history, beaches, families, costs

A comprehensive guide on walking from the Palma cruise port to Palma, covering routes, trip durations, sites, shopping areas and beaches

Here is a detailed breakdown of the holiday costs in Mallorca. Is Mallorca expensive? If you choice wisely you have save 65% or more

Mallorca has many beautiful areas to visit, but a select few are the cherry on the cake. Here are the best towns to visit in Mallorca

Mallorca attracts a diverse range of tourists to its shores. Here's why traveling with kids in Mallorca is a great choice

A guide on the best areas in Mallorca for families with kids. Also including a list of the hotels with the most kid-friendly amenities.

Here is a guide covering mosquitos in Mallorca; their season, methods to avoid their bites and treating them

A handy guide on jellyfish in Mallorca, covering which have less or more potent stings, best bays to avoid them and treatments

Find out what it's like driving in Mallorca. This guide covers road conditions, speed limits and rules, the driving culture and tolls

Find out detailed information on the average cost, where to get good deals, the documents required for hiring a car in Mallorca and policies

Mallorca has free and paid parking and follow international standards for road markings, but they also have their own. Here is what to expect.

A guide on experiencing Crete with kids, including suitable kid activities, areas and accommodation that tailor to families with children

Enjoying Sardinia with kids includes family-friendly activities and suitable stays to create enjoyable experiences and unforgettable memories

Whether you want an authentic coastal holiday, enjoy the mountains or have a glamorous holiday here are 3 itineraries for 5 days in Sardinia

There is something for everyone in Sardinia. That includes many activities and places to visit in Sardinia with kids of all ages.

Here is a guide to determine if it is worth hiring a car in Sardinia, including the availability of public transport, costs and more

A guide on jellyfish in Malta: the best live tool to find bays to avoid jellyfish, types of jellyfish and what to look out for and treatments

Find out whether mosquitoes in Malta are a problem in this guide. Find out when and where they are around and tips on keeping them away.

A comprehensive guide on renting a car in Crete, covering the costs, rental company policies including age limits and documents required

Should you pick Sicily or Malta for your next trip? This guide compares costs, historical areas, beaches, kids activities, offers tips & more

Here is how to spend 2 days in Taormina to make the most of it. Including general information on Taormina, it's highlights and suggested stays

Discover Sicily with Kids: Expectations, Activities, Travel Tips, and Family-Friendly Accommodations for an Amazing Trip.

A guide on driving in Sicily, including the rules, the driving culture in the region, and strategies to avoid taxes and tolls

A comprehensive guide on hiring a car in Sicily, covering the cost range for compact to larger models, age restrictions, documents and more

Here's how long it takes to cross Sicily by car and also circle around the coast. Plus to appreciate it, suggested guides with itineraries

Explore Sicily's historical highlights in 10 days. This itinerary covers the best of the west and east, ensuring a memorable journey.

3 great itineraries to spend 4 days in Sicily. This will enable you to either focus on the west, east or experience a little bit of both

Discover the diverse ferries in Sicily, connecting the mainland, international destinations, and nearby Italian islands.

From rich history to its warm climate and Mediterranean lifestyle, unlock the secrets on what Malta is best known for.

A guide to ferries in Malta: Find terminal locations, routes, trip duration, costs, booking advice, and nearby island connections.

Learn all about driving in Malta, including the pros and cons, car rental costs, rules, street parking, and general parking details.

Get all the details on driving and parking in Valletta, including tips on where to park and where to avoid to make your visit is hassle-free

Discover Malta with kids, from family-friendly activities to suggested itineraries and suitable stays to create unforgettable memories

A list of fun things to do with kids in Malta for your trip. There are lots of activities to make sure you and your kids enjoy your stay.

A guide comparing where to stay in Malta to help you make your decision. Whether you are looking for the ideal place for kids, history, nightlife ...

You can get a luxury stays in several beautiful places, but only one luxury holiday in Sicily is the very best you can get!

Discover the ultimate luxury holiday in Malta, where indulgence meets tranquility. Experience the epitome of opulence on your next getaway.

A comprehensive guide on Sliema vs St. Julian's vs Valletta. Comparing their personality, activities, beaches, cost, suitability for kids ...

Here is a flexible itinerary to spend 4 days in Malta, that will enable you to experience the most beautiful and stunning places to visit.

Discover Malta in 7 days including Valletta's grandeur, Gozo's nature and beaches, Mdina's history and Marsaxlokk's charm.

Malta has many beauty spots, but some really do take the cake. Here is the top most beautiful places in Malta according to a local.

Discover Valletta, Malta's charming capital city. Explore historic forts, museums, and stunning architecture and take in breathtaking views.

There are many things for you to consider to pick the right place to stay. Here is a breakdown by category of the best side of Crete.

Dive straight into a list of water parks in Crete. Here are the 4 best ones, including a list of all water parks on the island.

Here is a list of things to do with kids in Crete for an wonderful family holiday on this marvellous island

Crete is brimming with scrumptious food, history, beauty and activities for the perfect Crete family holiday... Here is how to enjoy it

A detailed breakdown of all the costs for your holiday in Corsica. Know what to expect before you get there and what to avoid.

Checking if an island/country is safe is always a good idea to see what to look out for and avoid. Here is information on safety in Corsica

There are many factors to picking the right places to visit. Here is a breakdown by category of the best side of Corsica for you to consider.

Corsica is perfect for families that enjoy the outdoors. In fact most of the things to do with kids in Corsica are about experiencing nature

Corsica Family Holiday, Kids Activities, Itineraries and Guides On this page you will find some guides to give you an overview of Corsica, and ...

A price guide for tourists looking for a full breakdown on how much a trip to Rome would cost. Including tips on how to save money and more...

Rome has its fair share of crime, mostly concerning theft and drugs. Advice on what you should know before you book your hotel ...

Find out the best way to get around Rome with information about different types of public transport, taxis and renting a car, costs and more.

Rome is perfect for history and culture, but is Rome child friendly? Here is what to expect from Rome for kids and how to make it fun.

Rome has a huge array of things to see and do, but if you are pressed for time, there are only 9 attractions you must see in Rome

Rome is a fantastic choice as a holiday destination, but there aren't many things to do with kids in Rome. Here is a top list of activities.

The Villa Borghese Gardens is beautifully landscaped with several activities and attractions. Here is what to look forward to...

Italy, a land of art and culture and excellent cuisine. See what could get placed on your bucket list for your next Italy family holiday.

Although public holidays disrupt the routine, there are additional things to do at Christmas in Rome. Here is a list on what to see and do

There are several Christmas markets in Rome, but the very best one is at Piazza Navona. Here is what you can expect, including images.

There are many places you can go to avoid parties and things you can look forward to in Ibiza. Here is where and ideas on what to do...

Millions visit Ibiza, but is Ibiza safe? Here are stats and tips on where and what to avoid, and other tips on how to stay safe in Ibiza.

Spain has a lot going for it, it's no wonder it is the most popular tourist destination worldwide. But is Spain good for kids?

Ibiza is a popular choice as a holiday destination for families, but how do you get to Ibiza and which is the easiest method?

Ibiza is mostly a party island, but there are some things to do with kids. Here we focus exclusively on kids activities.

The Ibiza Express is a trackless train with organised tours. You get taken on a wonderful journey to explore history and the beauty of Ibiza.

Ibiza is not just a party island, there is much more to it including plenty to do to have a wonderful Ibiza Family Holiday.

Thinking of spending Christmas in Sicily? Here is a list of places for families or those wanted a backdrop of history with a Christmas vibe.

Things change in Sicily in winter whether it's the climate, activities and costs. Here is what to expect from a trip to Sicily in winter...

There are many places that offer horse riding in Mallorca, but not all cater for young kids. Here is a list of stables offering pony rides

Usually winter in Malta is cold, windy and wet, but not all winters are the same. Here is what to expect from the weather for your trip...

Here is a full list of beautiful caves in Sardinia you are able to visit. The very best featured at the top with everything you need to know

Cala Gonone is a beautiful, but small seaside town. Here is our list of things to do for any traveller including families with young kids

Christmas in Malta is a highly anticipated event, with many religious and non-religious things to do. Here is a full list of what to expect

Planning a trip to Sicily? Read on to discover the easiest ways to get there.

Aqualand el Arenal is the largest water park in Mallorca with 20 water based attractions. Find out whether it is worthwhile

From DIYing to completely outsourcing your luxury picnic, this is our guide to help you nail alfresco dining in luxury couture style.

Carnival cruise ships use 19 departure ports worldwide and sail to 52 countries. Here is a list of Carnival ports and destinations

Royal Caribbean has a fleet of 27 ships that use 34 departure ports and visits 64 countries. Here is a full list of Royal Caribbean ports

The 5 Disney cruise ships offer 102 different itineraries. Here is a list of ships, the Disney ports of departure and ports of call.

A fun evening for the whole family, jam packed with mesmerising acrobatics and stunts, this Pirate Adventure Show is not to be missed!

Katmandu Park is the best rated park in Mallorca for good reason. Here is a detailed overview of the park and the surrounding areas.

Etnaland is 3 parks in 1, there is the theme park with rollercoasters, a water park and a dinosaur park. It will keep you entertained for days

Valencia is overall a safe city, but there are things you need to be aware of and places to avoid. Here is all you need to know.

Valencia - 3rd largest city in Spain with many attractions and many things to do with kids in Valencia. Here is what to look forward to...

Creativity in Spain shows up even in the attractions for kids in Madrid; parks within parks and unique attractions you will love.

Here is a checklist of what baby supplies you need to consider to take with you as on a cruise to adequately take care of your baby.

A list of mainstream cruise and river cruise age restrictions to help you pick the right cruise for your family and budding cruise baby.

A complete list of all the departure cruise terminals including a list of which mainstream cruise liners depart from these ports.

A resource for your cruise with kids answering questions ranging from; what age babies can travel to kid friendly cruises.

Barcelona is a large city that caters for families with many things to do with kids. Here is a full list of activities.

Our guide to the best side of Mallorca to discover the best beaches, views, and family-friendly parts of the island.

Spain is a popular tourist destination for good reason. Here is how to have a wonderful Family Holiday in Spain.

You have a choice of different modes of transports. This article will help you figure out which is the best way for you to get to Mallorca.

To explore one part you want to know which side of Sardinia is better. So which is the best side for: views, beaches, activities...

In this article you will find the stats and information showing if Sardinia is safe. It also includes some tips and advice.

Mallorca has a higher crime rate than Spain, but it still is safe. Here you will find stats, areas to avoid, tips and advice.

There are many things to do with kids. Here we exclude all the stuff older kids appreciate and focus on younger kids activities.

Mallorca gets a bad wrap because it is a party island, but there is plenty to do to have a wonderful Mallorca Family Holiday.

Get a small dose of history on a more interesting mode of transport with Malta Fun Trains. Based in 3 locations; Rabat, Valletta and Bugibba.

Here is a breakdown of the differences of Malta vs Gozo in cost, amount of things to do and more .

Find out the average costs for accommodation, food, activities and transport in Malta with this detailed guide.

Here is detailed research and information comparing different cities in Sardinia for prices on food, activities and accommodation and more.

Here is detailed research and information comparing different cities in Sicily for prices on food, activities and accommodation.

Get an overview of Gozo, whether it is cheaper than Malta, child friendly, how to get there and more to see whether to holiday in Gozo.

Gozo is smaller and quieter than Malta so there are not as many activities in Gozo, but it is more picturesque with some unique activities.

There's something for everyone to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Sardinia, from scenic drives to kids activities, here's what to look forward to

If you want to stay cool, while you relax or get your adrenaline pumping, then a water park in Sicily is the perfect solution.

Adventure parks are always a winner and these adventure parks in Sicily are sure to deliver the adrenaline you need.

Planning a family trip to Sicily? Here’s 15 fun things you cannot miss…

Compare the service and cost of the different methods of transport to travel in Malta and what is more worthwhile for you.

The winter season is a brilliant time to take advantage of all sorts of activities that you cannot do any other time of the year.

Find the beaches in Malta that are best for you with our handy tips guide.

There are different methods to keep picnic food warm. The method you use will depend on what food and how long it needs to keep warm.

We want to make sure our kids eat healthy snacks most of the time. Here are some nutritious picnic food ideas for kids that they will love.

There are different things you want to consider before you buy a picnic blanket. Here is our top list and what you need to consider.

Pick an adorable or plain designed kids picnic table that your kids can enjoy. You can fold it away or dismantle easily for carry and storage.

Picnics are laid back and fun. Here are a whole bunch of ideas for food and to keep your and your kids comfort level up while on a picnic.

To help you narrow down your search here are the best rated picnic baskets . They come in different designs, with or without additional accessories.

The Salina Park has a little bit of everything. There is an open area with a fountain, swings for different age groups, picnic areas and a cafe.

Want something a little bit more exciting? Laser Tag in Malta could be just the thing to get your adrenaline pumping.

Your kids have a lot of look forward to at the BOV Adventure Park. They can slide, climb and run around to their heart content.

Let your kids learn through active play at the Playmobil Malta FunPark. This park has around 19,500 square meters of area to ensure your kids can spend hours ...

There are several places you can take the kids for horse riding in Malta. We went along to the one in Golden Bay and had a ball horsing around!

The Malta National Aquarium is 20,000 square meters in size. It is nice and definitely worth a visit.

The Presidents Kitchen Garden is a great area where kids can spend hours on end. There are many different play areas and different animals they can enjoy.

San Anton Gardens is where you will find peace and tranquility among the trees, flowers and animals.

Buskett is a beautiful semi-woodland area filled with trees and animals. It is perfect to relax and for your kids to play.

The quality of the Velocity Trampoline Park indoor area is fantastic. There are loads of trampolines on the floor and the walls to bounce off of.

Popeye village is one of the top tourist attractions. When you enter the village you will be greeted by Popeye and his friends. There are many activities you ...

Animals are always a hit with kids. At the petting farm in the Ta’ Qali National Park is a great way for kids to have fun seeing, petting and feeding domestic ...

The Mediterraneo Marine Park is one of the top attractions on the island. It offers the opportunity for kids and adults alike to see and interact with a ...

Bird Park Malta is a conservation park with 200 species of beautiful birds and other wildlife that your kids will love.

It's pedal to the metal over at Ta Qali for go karting in malta. Reach speeds of up to 80km/h on 17 different race tracks.

Malta has a lot of everything, sunshine, beaches, history and kids activities. Here's how you can make the most of your Malta family holiday

It turns out it is hard to find activities that are kid-friendly. Most especially for the little tots. So here is our attempt at filling in those gaps.

A list of wonderful family holiday destinations you and your kids will love. Each destination features a full range of activities your kids with thoroughly ...

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