Water Taxis and Ferries in Malta: A Complete Guide

Ferries in Malta

There are a good hand full of ferries in Malta that serve various areas within the country and international destinations. This guide provides a comprehensive list of all the ferries operating in the Maltese Islands, including terminal locations, costs and other relevant information. To give you a quick overview:

There are 11 ferries operating in the Maltese Islands. These ferries depart from 7 different ports, namely Cirkewwa, Marfa, Marsaxlokk, Sliema, and Valletta in Malta, as well as Hondoq Bay and Mgarr in Gozo. While most of these ferries serve the Maltese Islands, there is one ferry that operates from Valletta and travels to Pozzallo in Sicily.

Water Taxis and Ferries in Malta

DepartureArrivalTrip Duration
Cirkewwa, MaltaMgarr, Gozo25 minutes
Cirkewwa, MaltaBlue Lagoon, Comino20 minutes
Hondoq Bay, GozoBlue Lagoon, Comino10 minutes
Marfa, MaltaBlue Lagoon, Comino25 minutes
Marsaxlokk, MaltaSt Peter’s Pool, Malta15 minutes
Mgarr, GozoBlue Lagoon, Comino15 minutes
Sliema, MaltaBlue Lagoon, Comino1 hour
Sliema, MaltaValletta, Malta10 minutes
Valletta, Malta3 Cities, Malta10 minutes
Valletta, MaltaMgarr, Gozo45 minutes
Valletta, MaltaPozzallo, Sicily1 hour 45 minutes

All the ferries are passenger ferries. However both the ferry departing from Cirkewwa to Gozo and the one in Valletta heading to Pozzallo in Sicily also allow cars onboard.

As you would expect all the ferries have return ferries back and operate year round. The only exception are the ferries that travel to Comino that operate only during the summer months.

Since no one other than 8 people live on the little island of Comino, there is no demand for ferries there in winter. It is purely a summer destination where locals and tourists only go to enjoy the gorgeous blue waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Ferry Port Locations

There are more port locations which are not listed, for example the one in Bugibba. However other terminals are for organised tours that will take you to at least a couple of places of interest. They are not direct routes and are more expensive.  


Most ferries in Malta run at least on an hourly basis like the fast ferry from Valletta to Gozo. However all other ferries are usually every half an hour.

If there is bad weather and the sea is rough, the ferries will stop running and resume once the sea has calmed down. In general this does not last longer than 12 hours and does not usually occur in Summer.

Ferry Costs and Booking

Sometimes you can make your way to the terminal without the need to book tickets. Other times you will need to book a ferry in advance. Here is all the information you need regarding costs and whether to pre-book or simply turn up at the terminal.

Please bear in mind that the information below was gathered in May 2023. Hence costs may change and in the future.

DepartureCost with ReturnBook Ferry
Cirkewwa to GozoCar + driver €15.70, €4.65 pp, under 3 years travel free, 3-12 years €1.15No booking required
Cirkewwa to Comino€15 adults, €7 kids under 10No booking required
Hondoq Bay to Comino€10 ppBook ferry
Marfa to Comino€15 adults, €7 kids under 10No booking required
Marsaxlokk to St. Peter’s Pool€10 ppCall +356 79 444 001  
Mgarr to Comino€8 adults, kids €6.50Book ferry
Sliema to Comino€27.50 ppBook ferry
Sliema to Valletta€1.50 adults, €0.90 kidsNo booking required
Valletta to the 3 Cities€1.50 adults, €0.90 kidsNo booking required
Valletta to Gozo€7.50 ppBook ferry
Valletta to Pozzallo, Sicily€60 adults, €37 kidsBook ferry

You should note that the Blue Lagoon in Comino is beautiful and I recommend you visit. However it isn’t suitable for babies and very young children.

Other Ferries to Nearby Islands From Malta

Travelling by ferry is an additional option other than travelling by plane. It is particularly great if you want to go for a driving holiday, plus depending on the ferry, can cost less than flying.

Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and in close proximity to other countries and islands. However the only ferry that travels to another country outside the Maltese Islands is the one from Valletta to Sicily. Regardless you can still travel to other islands from Sicily very easily.

Here is a map below of all the ferry routes in Sicily.

Sicily ferry routes from mainland Italy and other surrounding countries map

To book any of the ferries you can use the Direct Ferries website. The ferries can take you to explore many areas in Italy, including cities like Naples, Rome and Genoa as well as Sardinia. There is also a ferry from Palermo in Sicily to Tunis in Tunisia.

Here are some other articles about traveling to different places in the Mediterranean. They can come in handy if you want to visit multiple countries or islands for an awesome holiday.

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