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There are many attractions and experiences for you to enjoy a memorable holiday in Sicily. From fascinating historical sites to exciting activities, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking sunny beaches, family-friendly adventures, or exploring Sicilian culture, this guide will provide you with valuable insights to plan your perfect holiday in Sicily.


Things to do with kids in Sicily

Kids Activities in Sicily + Map

Planning a family trip to Sicily? Here’s 17 fun things you cannot miss

Kids in Sicily

Sicily With Kids

Discover Sicily with Kids: Travel Tips, and Family-Friendly Accommodations for an Amazing Trip.

Handy Guides

4 days in Sicily

4 Days in Sicily

3 itineraries to spend a fantastic 4 days in Sicily. This will enable you to either focus on the west, east or experience a little bit of both sides of the island.

10 days in Sicily

10 Days in Sicily

Explore Sicily’s historical highlights in 10 days. This itinerary covers the best of the west and east, ensuring a memorable journey.

The Grand Hotel Timeo, the ultimate luxury holiday in Sicily

Luxury Holiday

There are several places you can go in Sicily for a luxury holiday. But only one is the ultimate luxury holiday in Sicily to remember.

Is Sicily expensive

Is Sicily Expensive?

Here is a detailed guide covering expenses in Sicily From food costs, to accommodation, activities and travel.

Which part of Sicily is better - East vs West

Which Side is Better

Sicily has many things to do. However which side is best for families, history, day trips and the prettiest side. Here is a comparison of east vs west.

is Sicily safe

Is Sicily Safe?

How To Enjoy Your Sicily Trip Safely – Is Sicily Safe for Tourists?

Taormina - Sicily

2 Days in Taormina

Here is how to spend 2 days in Taormina to make the most of it. Including general information on Taormina, it’s highlights and suggested stays

Sicily or Malta

Sicily or Malta?

Should you pick Sicily or Malta for your next trip? This guide compares costs, historical areas, beaches, kids activities, offers tips & more


How to get to Sicily

Getting to Sicily

You can get to Sicily by ferry, plane, or train. Here is a list of ports, airports, carriers and average costs to figure out how to get to Sicily.

Villa Comunale Garden in Taormina

Travelling in Sicily

Here is a guide on getting around Sicily with all the information you should know about public transport, taxis, and hiring a car.

Ferries to Sicily

Ferries in Sicily

Since Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean there are many ferries servicing the island. Here are all the ferries in Sicily.

Driving in Sicily

Driving in Sicily

A guide on driving in Sicily, including the rules, the driving culture in the region, and strategies to avoid taxes and tolls

Hiring a car in Sicily

Hiring a Car in Sicily

A comprehensive guide on hiring a car in Sicily, covering the cost range for compact to larger models, age restrictions, documents and more

Crossing Sicily by car

Crossing Sicily by Car

Here’s how long it takes to cross Sicily by car and also circle around the coast. Plus to appreciate it, suggested guides with itineraries

Seasonal Articles

Discover Sicily - Best month to visit Sicily

Best Month to Visit

Sicily is fantastic all year round, but you get different activities in different seasons. Here is what you need to consider for when to visit Sicily.

Chistmas in Sicily

Sicily During Christmas

Sicily is predominantly a Christian country and it gets snow. So here is what you can look forward to for a magical Christmas in Sicily.

Winter in Sicily

Sicily in Winter

This article answers whether Sicily is worth visiting in winter. What is not available and what other things you can look forward to.



Mosquitoes in Sicily

A guide on mosquitoes in Sicily, including the species and those that spread mosquito-borne diseases, preventing bites and treatments

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Jellyfish in Sicily

A guide to jellyfish in Sicily outlining the best live bays to avoid jellyfish, different species and which ones to look out for and more

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