Mallorca Holiday Itineraries, Guides and Kids Activities

Mallorca offers plenty of things to do for people of all ages. Whether solo travellers, couples or families with children to enjoy a splendid Mallorca family holiday with some fund things to do. You can check out kids activities on the island, suggested itineraries, as well as other general information and guides.


Things to do with kids in Mallorca

Kids Activities

Surprisingly there are many things to do with kids in Mallorca. You may find a mix of things younger and older kids appreciate, but some are geared more towards younger kids.

Best Areas in Mallorca for Families with kids

5 Best Areas for Families

A guide on the best areas in Mallorca for families with kids. Also including a list of the hotels with the most kid-friendly amenities.

Reasons to visit with kids in Mallorca

Why Mallorca is Great for Families

Mallorca attracts a diverse range of tourists to its shores. Here’s 9 reasons why traveling with kids to Mallorca is a great choice

Mallorca Family Holidays – Itineraries

You could do many things in Mallorca and there are many organised tours you could opt for. Here is a guide on what to do while you are in Mallorca with a couple of suggested itineraries for some ideas.

These itineraries are based on the 13 activities to do with kids listed above. In fact, so it is more convenient, here is a map of the locations of the kids activities listed for your reference.

Things to do with kids in Mallorca - locations
Things to do with kids in Mallorca - locations

There is a 4 day itinerary and a 7 day itinerary tailored for a family holiday in Mallorca with kids. There are no ‘mature’ things to do in these itineraries, but you can easily include days with some other things to do.

If you do not intend to hire a car, or would not like to travel much, then the 4 day itinerary is perfect. However, if you do not mind travelling a little, there is a 7 day itinerary which will take you around different parts of the island.

You should bear in mind that Mallorca is a small island. So travel times to get from one place to another are not that big of a deal. So it may be worthwhile to spend a full week in Mallorca if you are able to. There is enough to do to keep you entertained and going for that long.

With these two itineraries you will be covered to sample the best things to do on the island.

Palma 4 day Itinerary

Day 1: Morning, Palma Aquarium. (purple 2) Afternoon, Natura Parc Zoo (orange 6).
Day 2: Morning, Jungle Park Junior (green 2). Afternoon, Marineland (orange 7).
Day 3: Katmandu Park (light blue 4)
Day 4: Katmandu Park.
Evening, Pirate show (orange 9)

Mallorca 7 day Itinerary

Day 1: Morning, travel to Porto Cristo. Afternoon, Safari Zoo (orange 2).
Day 2: Morning and early afternoon, Dinosaurland (orange 3). Afternoon, Drach caves (dark blue 4).
Day 3: Morning, travel to Santanyí to visit Rancho Jaume (red 4). Afternoon travel to Campos to visit the Ostrich farm (orange 4)
Day 4: Morning, Palma Aquarium. (purple 2) Afternoon, Natura Parc Zoo (orange 6).
Day 5: Morning, Jungle Park Junior (green 2). Afternoon, Marineland (orange 7).
Day 6: Katmandu Park (light blue 4)
Day 7: Katmandu Park.
Evening, Pirate show (orange 9)

Handy Mallorca Guides

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Getting Around Mallorca: Public Transport vs Car Rental vs Taxi

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Parking in Mallorca: A Complete Guide

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