Winter Season Activities, Sports and Destinations for Families

There is lots to do during the winter season. You could stay home to huddle up in winter, but you could also consider some fun seasonal winter holiday adventures. From beautiful winter destinations that are warmer than home or one to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, we have you covered in our winter season section below.

Christmas in Rome at the Vatican

Christmas in Rome is much like the routine except there is the additional Christmas spirit. There are decorations in the city and some additional Christmas activities. Here is what to expect from Christmas in Rome.

Christmas market in Piazza Navona

There are several Christmas markets in Rome, but none are as magnificent as the Christmas market in Piazza Navona. It is a small market, but the backdrop of the Baroque piazza and items to purchase make it incredibly worthwhile.

Chistmas in Sicily

Thinking of spending Christmas in Sicily? Here is a list of places for families or those wanted a backdrop of history with a Christmas vibe.

Winter in Sicily

Things change in Sicily in winter whether it’s the climate, activities and costs. Here is what to expect from a trip to Sicily in winter…

Christmas markets in Europe

The biggest Christmas markets in Europe have that magical atmosphere where the spirit of Christmas really comes alive! Check out which ones are the largest and very best.

Image by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Fairyland - Christmas in Malta

Christmas in Malta is a highly anticipated event, with many religious and non-religious things to do. Here is a full list of Christmas activities in Malta.

Winter in Malta

Usually winter in Malta is cold, windy and wet, but not all winters are the same. Here is what to expect from the weather for your trip…

Best beaches in Ibiza

Hoorah, winter is over – that means one thing: an Easter family holiday to Europe!

Family winter sports destinations

Discover the following 6 winter sports destinations in Europe—ideal for your next family getaway!

Celebrate Christmas in Europe

Spending Christmas in Europe? Here’s 11 destinations and events for inspiration…

Mountain chalets in the Alps

Some people get discouraged from travelling in winter. If you want to get another point of view, in this article we weigh the pros and cons of travelling in winter.

Egypt - The Giza Plateau

There are many destinations around the world, but here are the destinations broken down by continent to get some cheap winter sun.

Winter Holiday Ideas

Summer is fantastic, but so is the winter season. There are things you can only do in winter, like any snow or ice based activities and winter sports. Additionally the most popular holiday comes around this time of year – Christmas!

There are usually things to do in most places during this time of year to get you into the Christmas spirit. Either Christmas markets or events that build up your enthusiasm at this time of year. Plus it is the perfect time for some bonding by hanging out with family and friends.

However this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or perhaps you might want to get a change of scene from the usual routine. As a result this is the perfect time and excuse to travel to anywhere that takes your fancy.

Where to Celebrate Christmas

If you have a family, you might want to immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas elsewhere. The top destination that comes to mind is beautiful Lapland. Here you can take a trip for the kids to meet Santa and see the elves in his Santa Village. You can also ride on a sled drawn by reindeer which is a big highlight, visit Santa Park and do many other things there.

Kid with reindeer

However if that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, you can check out all the other places to celebrate Christmas in Europe.

Perhaps a cozy place to stay in the Italian Alps might suit you more because you can enjoy beautiful scenic views and winter sports. Or perhaps you prefer going to the Ice Hotel or other places in the area in Sweden to see the Northern Lights or going somewhere where there is a Christmas market or another type of event. There is a selection of different places listed that should cover a whole range of preferences.

Winter Sports

If you are the outdoors type or would like to try out a new activity then winter sports might be more up your alley. With many places around Europe that are coated in thick, white snow during the winter season, there are plenty of places to choose from.

From a European point of view we have you covered with our article on 6 Family Friendly Winter Sports Destinations in Europe. Here you will get an overview of several places, why they are good for families and an idea of the overall cost.

You will get to know about Zermatt-Matterhorn in Switzerland, Kitzbühel in Austria, Hafjell in Norway, Ruka Resort in Lapland Finland and Kranjska Gora in Slovenia. All these places are stunningly beautiful with good amenities and facilities.

Zermatt-Matterhorn Switzerland
Zermatt-Matterhorn, Switzerland

Warm Winter Season Holiday Destinations

If you would like a break from the bitter cold and would like to travel somewhere warmer there several places to consider. You could opt to stay within Europe, that is to say unless your are travelling from outside Europe. In this case we have a list of 8 Warm European Destinations for Easter Half-Term 2023.

Naturally, all the entries in the list are all locations in southern Europe which are closer to the equator than the rest of Europe. You have a good selection of islands like Crete, Larnaca and Ibiza.

Additionally you have other destinations that are part of the mainland of a country. These are some of the most stunning destinations like Albuferia in Portugal, the Amalfi Coast, Elefsina in Greece and Marseille in France.

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast, photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

The only one that is not in Southern Europe is the Canary Islands. We slightly cheated on this entry! The Canary Islands are part of Africa, but from an economical, cultural and historical stand point it is European. Hence our inclusion of the Islands in the list.

However you might want to visit a continent other than Europe. In this case you should have a look at our list of warm and budget Friendly winter destinations by continent.

Here you have a selection of at least 2 places to visit on each continent to give you some options. Egypt features on that list as well as Chiang Mai in Thailand and Jamaica to mention a few. However this list is not so much about which are the best places for families. This is a general list of warm winter destinations where you can go on a budget.

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