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For such a small island, Malta has quite a lot to offer. There is plenty of history and activities you can do with various tours, sun and also plenty of kids activities. Here is a quick overview on what to look forward to, including a list of guides to help you better plan your holiday in Malta.


Playmobil Fun Park

16 Fun Things to do With Kids in Malta

If the playgrounds dotted around the villages are not enough, there are plenty of kids activities all over Malta. Whether you choose to pick something more educational or just plain fun, Malta has a bit of everything.

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Malta with kids

Malta With Kids: Suitability, Itineraries, Accommodation

Discover Malta with kids, from family-friendly activities to suggested itineraries and suitable stays to create unforgettable memories.

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Mdina Gate

4-Day Malta Itinerary

Here is a flexible itinerary to spend 4 days in Malta for older kids and adults. that will enable you to experience the most beautiful and stunning places to visit.

7 days in Malta

7-Day Malta Itinerary

Discover Malta in 7 days for older kids and adults. It includes experiencing Valletta’s grandeur, Gozo’s nature and beaches, Mdina’s history and Marsaxlokk’s charm.

Winter in Malta

Winter in Malta

People say the Mediterranean climate is hot in summer and warm in winter. However I beg to differ, here is what to expect from winter in Malta.

Hilton in Malta

Stay in Sliema, St. Julian’s or Valletta?

A comprehensive guide on Sliema, St. Julian’s and Valletta. Comparing their personality, activities, beaches, cost and suitability for kids.

Luxury holiday in Malta

2 Best Luxury Hotels in Malta

Discover the ultimate luxury holiday in Malta, where indulgence meets tranquility. Experience the epitome of opulence on your next getaway.

Rooftop view from Cugo Gran Macina in Senglea

9 Areas Where to Stay in Malta

A guide comparing where to stay in Malta to help you make your decision. Whether you are looking for the ideal place for kids, history, nightlife etc.

Parking in Valletta

Driving and Parking in Valletta

Get all the details on driving and parking in Valletta, including tips on where to park and where to avoid to make your visit is hassle-free

Driving in Malta

Driving in Malta

Learn all about driving in Malta, including the pros and cons, car rental costs, rules, street parking, and general parking details.

Ferries in Malta

Ferries in Malta

A guide to ferries in Malta. Find terminal locations, routes, trip duration, costs, booking advice, and nearby island connections.

Valletta at sunset

2 Days in Valletta

Valletta is a UNESCO world heritage site with 320 monuments. Here are the top 6 highlights to see in Valletta.

Dingli Cliffs in Malta

Beautiful Places in Malta

There are many pretty places all over the Maltese Islands. However here is a top list of the most beautiful places across the Maltese Islands.

Views in Gozo

Guide to Gozo

Find out when to visit Gozo, an overview of costs, activities and how to get there.

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Kinnie - Maltese drinks

Traditional Maltese Drinks

A choice of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks not made anywhere else, but Malta.

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Maltese Snacks

Maltese Snacks

Savoury and sweet treats you can enjoy on your trip.

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Buskett picnic area

The Best Picnic Spots in Malta

A range of places where you can go to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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What is Malta known for

9 Things Malta is Best Known For

From rich history to its warm climate and Mediterranean lifestyle, unlock the secrets on what Malta is best known for.

Sicily or Malta

Sicily vs Malta

Should you pick Sicily or Malta for your next trip? This guide compares costs, historical areas, beaches, kids activities, offers tips & more

Malta or Mallorca

Malta or Mallorca

A comprehensive guide on the differences between Malta and Mallorca broken down by category for scenery, history, beaches, families, costs

Handy Information

Travel in Malta - small image

Best Ways to Travel in Malta

See whether it is worthwhile opting for public transport, car rental or taxis.

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Is Malta expensive

Is Malta Expensive? A Detailed Price Guide for Tourists

This article covers costs for accommodation, food and drinks, public transport and activities.

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Malta vs Gozo

Is it Better to Stay in Malta or Gozo?

Malta and Gozo offer different things to travellers. Here is a good overview of what you can expect from both islands.

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Uv in Malta

UV in Malta: Monthly Levels and Guidelines

Like most Mediterranean destinations, the UV in Malta can be strong. Find out monthly UV averages and practical information to stay safe.


Mosquitoes in Malta

Mosquitoes in Malta

Find out whether mosquitoes in Malta are a problem in this guide. Find out when and where they are around and tips on keeping them away. 

Mediterranean Jellyfish in Malta

Jellyfish Malta

A guide on jellyfish in Malta: the best live tool to find bays to avoid jellyfish, types of jellyfish and what to look out for and treatments

Island of Gozo

This charming and quaint island is something special. It is quiet and a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Malta. There isn’t anything for younger kids to enjoy here, except the beach. However older kids and adults have a small handful of things to enjoy, including some hiking opportunities amongst the rolling hills. See what to look forward to in Gozo.

Christmas activities

Fairyland from on top of Rudolph's Big Wheel

Age rating: All ages
Location: Various

Christmas is a highly anticipated time of the year here in Malta. Locals, enjoy catching up with family and friends, and getting into the Christmas spirit. Part of that is looking for fun Christmas time activities to do with family.

Family Holidays
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