16 Fun Kids Activities on the Island of Malta

Toddlers to tweens can immerse themselves in a variety of fun-filled adventures. Here is a list of where you can go to experience all the exciting things you can do with kids in Malta.

If you are visiting the island, you can have a look at itineraries based on the activities below and suggested stays that are best for families.

1. Playmobil FunPark

Playmobil Fun Park

Age rating: 1+
Location: Hal Far

Although the Playmobil FunPark is small, it’s loads of fun! My nephews really enjoy spending time here playing in both the inside and out door areas.

You could spend at least half a day here without the kids getting bored. Inside is fully air conditioned so you will be comfortable at any time of the year. Additionally there is a café area to go grab a bite to eat when you all get hungry. Read more about the Playmobil FunPark.

2. Water Parks

Age rating: 1+
Location: Various

Malta has 3 water parks of various sizes where kids can enjoy splashing around in the water. All 3 parks offer something different, so it is worthwhile checking what is at Malta’s water parks before you head over.

3. Beaches

Golden Bay beach

Malta has beaches all over the island, but here are some of the best beaches in Malta. For little tots the best ones are always going to be Għadira Bay in Mellieħa or Golden Bay in Għajn Tuffieħa. The beaches have shallow waters that are ideal for them to not get into too much trouble. For older kids and adults any other the other beaches are great.

4. Malta National Aquarium

Jelly fish

Age rating: All ages
Location: Qawra

What kid doesn’t enjoy a trip to an aquarium! Firstly you will get to see all sorts of local fish that live in the Mediterranean sea. Further on you will get to see incredible exotic fish as well from the Indo-Pacific ocean. But that is not all! You will also get to see reptiles and amphibians like tarantulas, snakes and frogs. To get a better idea of what to expect you can read more about the Malta National Aquarium or buy tickets directly from the Aquarium website or tickets to the Aquarium with pick up and drop off.

5. Mediterraneo Marine Park

Age rating: All ages
Location: Bahar ic-Caghaq

This park is comes highly rated and is a delight for all ages. You will get to see different marine animals including dolphins and sea lions doing tricks. You will also get to see some other animals at the park.

The highlight is swimming with dolphins, but this activity is at an additional cost and quite expensive. Read more about the Mediterraneo Marine Park.

6. Popeye Village

Popeye Village

Age rating: All ages
Location: il-Mellieha

This is the original film set for the 1980 movie “Popeye”. This is a fun and popular activity you can look forward to for the whole day. You will be able to meet Popeye himself and he and his friends will put on shows for you. There are many things to do here, additionally they have seasonal events. Here is what to expect from Popeye Village.

7. San Anton Garden

San Anton

Age rating: All ages
Location: Attard

A great free activity for the family! This garden is part of the presidential palace area and steeped in history. Plus you have the plants and trees, some of which are over 300 years old and the animals to look forward to. Here is what there is at San Anton Garden. There is also a 4 hour tour that will take you to see San Anton, Mdina and Dingli Cliffs.

8. The Presidents Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden slides

Age rating: All ages
Location: Attard

Just behind San Anton Garden is the Presidents Kitchen Garden. It’s a perfect place to relax while the kids have fun playing in the different play areas.

There are also some farm animals and birds you can look forward to that are different from the ones at San Anton Garden. There is also a lovely café area where you can grab a bite to eat while you watch your kids play. Here is more on what to expect at the Kitchen Garden.  

9. Buskett Woodland

Buskett picnic area

Age rating: All ages
Location: Siggiewi

In short, Buskett is a lovely woodland park area where you can go and get a breath of fresh air. It is a woodland area with some history, with the Verdala presidential palace overlooking it. Here you can relax, play games and even have a picnic on the grass or in the picnic areas. Read more about Buskett.  

10. Horse Riding

Horse riding in malta

Age rating: 5+
Location: Golden Bay

One of the more expensive activities listed on this page, but is one that is well worth it. We have been horse riding a couple of times, once with my nephews who really enjoy it. Apart from enjoying the ride you also get to enjoy the view. Here is what to expect when horse riding at Golden Bay

11. Ta’ Qali Petting Farm

Petting Farm ta Qali

Age rating: All ages
Location: Ta’ Qali

I have been really often to the Ta’ Qali petting farm. Firstly because it is free, hence why we ended up going there really often with my nephews. They loved seeing and feeding the animals there. You can take animal feed to feed for the goats and sheep or some delicious crunch carrots for the horse and donkey. Here is what you will find at the Ta’ Qali Petting Farm.

12. BOV Adventure Park

BOV Adventure Park

Age rating: 2+
Location: Ta’ Qali

Another great place that is free in Ta’ Qali, is the BOV Adventure Park which is perfect for kids. There are several play areas for young and older kids. There are also areas where they can climb and swing. Bring scooters for them to race around the park. Here is what is at the BOV Adventure Park.

13. Bird Park Malta

Bird park parrot

Age rating: All ages
Location: Salina

This conservation park has 200 species of birds and other animals. I got to touch a majestic  owl here that was sitting happily on his perch. It was quite an experience to get up close. Most birds are in aviaries except the flamingos who are happy wading around a shallow pond. More information about Bird Park Malta.

14. Laser Tag

Laser tag

Age rating: 7+
Location: Various

Laser tag is loads of fun for kids and adults alike. You have a choice of different venues you can select. There is even an old military prison as a choice of location which is awesome! Definitely one that will get you into the vibe and similar to your Call of Duty scenes. Check out the laser tag activity.

15. Salina Park

Salina Park

Age rating: 2+
Location: Saint Paul’s Bay

Another free park that has quite a large park area where kids can play. There are grass areas, playgrounds, a water feature and some picnic tables under the trees. Here you can have a picnic while you stay cool in the shade. Alternatively you can head over to the café area to get food and drinks. Check out the Salina Park.

16. Malta Fun Trains

Malta Fun Trains

Age rating: All ages
Location: Various

A trackless train that looks like a 19th century locomotive is here to take you on tour. There are 3 different places you can choose to tour; Rabat near Mdina, Valletta or Bugibba. Throughout the tour you will get to hear the history of the area and the locations you go past. You can have a look at the itineraries and more information about Malta Fun Train here.  

Places That are Good for Toddlers in Malta

Malta is a treasure trove of exciting places that are perfect for toddlers. There are dedicated attractions like The Malta National Aquarium, Popeye Village, many gardens and other locations that are open year round. Additionally there are annual events like Carnival that organise events for children.

The Malta National Aquarium in particular is a fascinating and educational place. Young ones can marvel at a wide array of marine life in the aquarium.

Another popular destination for families for pure fun is Popeye Village. It was originally built as a film set for the movie “Popeye.” Here, toddlers can meet beloved cartoon characters, and enjoy engaging activities such as face painting and puppet shows.

One of the great things about Malta is the abundance of beautiful gardens that are open all year round. They provide a peaceful and enjoyable environment for toddlers to explore. Places like San Anton and the President’s Kitchen Garden in Attard are great examples. They offer lush green spaces where little ones can run around, enjoy the playground, and discover many animals.

In addition to the permanent attractions, Malta hosts a variety of annual events that are a delight for toddlers. Carnival is a prime example, where colourful parades, lively music, and vibrant costumes fill the streets. In the schedule there is usually a time when kids have the opportunity to enjoy activities tailored for them.

Things to do With Kids in Malta

Malta has a long great history with loads of places to visit for adults. In fact on this site you will also find a 4-day itinerary and a 7-day itinerary for older kids and adults. You could take tours of museums and fascinating historic places of interest.

However with younger kids it is not the same. I remember when I was younger I used to complain about walking everywhere when I would be with my family on holiday. It felt like the walking would never end. Moreover in a small child’s mind I used to think we did a lot of boring stuff.

My sisters kids are also really young. They get bored easily and they cannot sit through a whole movie yet. They need to do things they enjoy.

Free Kids Activities in Malta

On this site you will find both free activities. For example visiting public gardens, or picnicing, including related picnic articles and kids activities that come at an additional cost. Unfortunately a lot of websites only feature paid activities. Most importantly for them the activities that make them the most money.

However I find these sites lack variety. Usually readers want to see a range of different activities which unfortunately you don’t get unless you dig deeper. Personally I do not have time for that, plus some free activities are really good.

As a result there are many free kids activities in Malta that are listed on this page. That also includes some places to visit that mostly locals know about. You will find some adventurous sporting activities, play grounds, woodlands and wildlife encounters. Like this you can keep yourselves occupied throughout your trip.

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