13 Best Beaches In Malta, Gozo & Comino – A Full Review

One of the things Malta is know for is it’s beautiful coastline and beaches. In fact there are many beaches in Malta where both locals and tourists go to swim. Although some go to Malta’s water parks, here is a top list of the best beaches to enjoy.

After the list you can check out their locations in the map below. Plus you will also find tables containing more information on whether the beach is a blue flag beach, has a café or restaurant, parking and more. So here is a full breakdown of the best beaches in Malta and Gozo.

Sandy Beaches in Malta

Some people prefer sandy beaches as opposed to rocky ones or vice versa. They are especially great for kids to build sand castles. So here I am going to start off with a list of sandy beaches.

1. Blue Lagoon, Comino

Blue Lagoon in Comino

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 50m (w) x 50m (d)

The Blue Lagoon is regularly featured as the top beach on the Maltese islands for good reason. It is the largest and most stunning beach on the island, with gorgeous white sand creating the most beautiful light blue hue in the sea.

However, it’s good to note that the area where beachgoers settle is rocky, except for one area close to the pier where ferry boats bring in passengers destined for the lagoon. In fact this lagoon is not good for tots, although okay for anyone around 5 years of age and older.

To more comfortably navigate your way through the area you should consider a pair of aqua shoes. They are particularly great for the Blue Lagoon, but also some other beaches in Malta. Even the sandy beaches in Malta at times have pebbles and can be rather hard or hurt to walk over, and these shoes make it much easier to experience the beaches.

This beach is remote and takes some time to travel there, but it is well worth it. Most people view this beach as one of the best beaches in Malta. Apart from the gorgeous crystal clear turquoise waters the surrounding landscape is untouched and beautiful.

In order to reach this beach, you must travel by boat. You have the option to choose from five different ferries departing from Cirkewwa, Marfa, and Sliema in Malta, as well as Hondoq Bay and Mgarr in Gozo. The terminal locations, routes, trip duration and costs are detailed on this guide to ferries in Malta.

The ferry boat from Malta that takes the least amount of time is the one from either Cirkewwa or Marfa, because it is the closest point to Comino. Alternatively if you have to travel by car or bus to get to the north of Malta you can sail to Comino from Sliema. It is usually more convenient for tourists that are staying in the Sliema and St Julians area.

People are jam packed next to each other like sardines at this beach. It is a known tourist hotspot and busy during summer especially during the month of August. However instead of staying close to the shore you could move further up to get more space.

2. Golden Bay

Golden Bay Beach

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 200m (w) x 50m (d)

Golden Bay is a lovely beach. You can reach it by going down a steep hill which is around 150m from top to bottom.

There is not much free street parking closest to the beach and in the parking area next to the hotel. So you might need to resort to using the larger car park. The entrance is here. Additionally you will need to pay to use this larger car park. 

There is a kiosk in the middle of the hill. Here you can find some toys for kids to play with on the beach. Like for example a bucket, shovel, balls and noodles to float with.

This beach is great for kids even younger ones. It is primarily sandy, but there are parts that have pebbles in the water. Personally they make it difficult for me to go in and out of the water. However you can pick a spot that does not have pebbles if they bother you or pick up a pair of aqua shoes from Amazon.

You have a choice of different restaurants to choose from here. Either Munchies on the beach, the hotel restaurants or Apple’s Eye at the top of the hill. All are good, but they are on the more expensive side.

3. Għadira Bay, Mellieħa

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 700m (w) x 50m (d)

FYI, there is a lot of traffic accumulating at Ghadira Bay because of the new single-lane road design according to the Times of Malta. The problem is most acute on Sundays

Għadira Bay which is also called Mellieħa Bay is definitely one of the best beaches in Malta. It’s the largest beach on the Maltese islands.

If you are driving there this beach has a good amount of street parking spots. You can find parking right opposite the beach on both side of the road.

Since it is equipped with many amenities it attracts many tourists. In fact it can get quite tightly packed especially at peak times during summer months.

There are many water sports available on this beach:

  • Banana boats
  • Kayaking
  • Jet skis
  • Windsurfing
  • Parasailing

This beach is great for kids, in fact a lot of families with young children frequent this beach.

This is not just because of the sand, but the beach also gradually inclines deeper into the sea. Around 100 meters out someone 5 foot tall (that’s me) can stand upright with the water at shoulder level.

Moreover you should take googles with you. You might see some small sting rays, different kinds of fish or even star fish.

4. Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach, Ghajn Tuffieha

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 250m (w) x 15m (d)

Riviera Beach is a gorgeous remote beach over in Ghajn Tuffieha in the north of Malta. It takes some effort to get down and some more to walk back up the long flight of stairs to get to it, but it is well worth to experience this beach. It is a shallow sandy beach with the most beautiful cliffs and rock formations surrounding it.

You have life guards there and also a restaurant area with a variety of things on the menu to make your stay more comfortable.

5. Ramla il-Ħamra, Gozo

Ramla il hamra

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 400m (w) x 50m (d)

This beach gets its name from the colour of its red sand. Ramla meaning sand and ħamra meaning red. No other beach in the Maltese Islands has this distinctive sand colour.

Ramla il-ħamra is a fantastic untouched beach with beautiful scenery. However it has many amenities, including good restaurant food and water sports.

The water sports you will find at Ramla il-ħamra are:

  • Sofa rides
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle boats

This beach is great for kids. It does tend to get busy in summer. However usually people have more wiggle room than on beaches in Malta.  Some parts of this beach has some pebbles once you go into the water. Hence you may want to pick a spot that only has sand if this bothers you or get a pair of aqua shoes from Amazon as mentioned previously.

You may not want to go to Gozo just for the beaches. If you are interested here are other activities to do in Gozo. Unfortunately there is not much for young kids, but there are things older kids and adults would appreciate.

6. Paradise Bay, Mellieħa

Paradise Bay in Malta

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 70m (w) x 25m (d)

This beach is not a large beach, but it is picturesque. You have to go down many, many stairs to get to it. In total it probably adds up to 60 meters in length of stairs. So it is a work out especially on the way back up.

If you are travelling by car it is best to get there early in the morning. There are only around 130 parking spots at the top of the hill. So it is harder to find a parking spot later in the day.

Once you arrive down on the beach you can chose to settle down on the sandy part. Or you can choose to go to the Paradise Bay Lido area. Here you can pay for sun lounges and an umbrella.

Usually we go to the Lido with the family. It is a more expensive. However I enjoy the shade from the umbrella. Plus the lido area is in a slightly more elevated spot where you can enjoy the view better.

This is a good beach for kids. However if you have a lot of things to carry the stairs might put you off.

7. Ġnejna Bay, Mġarr

Gnejna Bay - sandy area
Gnejna Bay – sandy area
Gnejna Bay - rocky area
Gnejna Bay – rocky area

Location: Here on Google Maps
Sandy beach: 150m (w) x 40m (d)
Rocky beach: 100m (w) x 30m (d)

This beach is nice and is not as popular as other beaches in Malta. This is great because it does get busy, but not jam packed.

This beach has two sides; a sandy side and a rocky side. The sandy side is better for youngers kids because they can more easily go into the sea. On the other hand the rocky side is elevated, so you have a ladder to get down into the water.  

Ġnejna Bay has two parts to it. The part on the left is sandy and the part on the right is rocky.

I’ve settled down on both sides of this beach. They are both good. However you might find some algae and seaweed sometimes at this beach. It is not always the same. Sometimes there is none and other times there is a lot.

There are 2 small car parks alongside the beach area. One here and one here. Unfortunately they do not accommodate more than 200 cars. It may sound like a lot, but most of the time in summer it is not enough.

As a result you get cars parked in the car park and all the way up the road. It’s a problem because most of the road has a yellow line where you cannot park. So if you are heading to Ġnejna Bay by car it is better to get their early to get a spot.

Alternatively you can go in the evening when some cars would have left for the day.

8. Armier And Little Armier Bays, Mellieħa

Little Armier
Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 40m (w) x 35m (d)

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 80m (w) x 35m (d)

Armier and Little Armier Bays are small beaches in Malta that are located in remote areas. These bays are lovely. Not many tourists tend to go to these beaches and it is usually packed with locals.

This is the case for several reasons. Firstly because it is remote, secondly there is limited parking and thirdly the nearest bus stop is far. So you have to walk a fair distance to get to the beach.

This is problematic especially in the scorching summer sun. In fact not many attempt it, and you may want to consider renting a car for the day instead to access these beaches. In this case, you may want to check out this guide on driving in Malta, which has information on car rental costs, rules, street parking, and general parking information.

Little Armier is right next to the larger Armier Bay. Little Armier has a beautiful restaurant and lido area. The Lido effectively splits the two bay areas in two.

You can choose to stay in the Lido area instead of the sandy beaches. Here you can also hire sunbeds and order drinks including cocktails by the shore. Perhaps you might also like to try some local Maltese drinks or Maltese snacks.

The Lido area is a concrete area with sun lounges and a ladder to get down into the sea. You can get a delicious lunch in the lido area, but it is somewhat expensive.

On the other hand the sandy beaches are shallow which makes them ideal for kids. These beaches at times have some seaweed.

There is also a company on the beaches that offers all sorts of water sports. You can use:

  • Jet skis
  • Paddle boats
  • Banana boats
  • Crazy sofa
  • Kayaks and canoes
  • Paraglide

9. Xlendi Bay, Gozo

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 25m (w) x 5m (d)

Xlendi Bay is a very tiny beach. It was once a much larger beach. Unfortunately in the past the authorities allowed people to build right up against the shore. Otherwise the Bay would be a lot wider and longer than it actually is today.

Regardless it is a very pretty bay area because of the landscape. Xlendi is incredibly picturesque. Additionally life is much more calm in Gozo so this Bay has a more relaxed feel.

There are some very nice restaurants where you can get some good food. The downside is that this area is a tourist trap. So you can expect to pay more for food here than most other areas in Gozo.

10. St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 150m (w) x 25m (d)

St George’s is one of the more popular beaches in Malta for tourists. This is mainly because it is in the middle of St Julian’s which is a tourists hotspot. It is one of the main towns for entertainment and where there are many hotels.

As a result the tourists that are in the area naturally tend to end up in St George’s Bay. Especially those that do not rent cars.

This bay area is actually reclaimed land so it is not a natural beach. However it is a nice, well maintained beach with blue flag status.

Usually the beach has a younger crowd of tourists. This is because it is a stone throw away from Paceville which is a nightclub hub.

In fact in the evening on the weekends you should expect to hear some music. The beach is flanked by buildings on both sides. So although it is nice it is not a natural landscape.

Hence for these reasons families usually do not tend to pick this beach to go swimming together. However it does have all the amenities you need.

You will not find parking close to the beach. However there are a couple of car parks around 200-300 meters away. One is the Eden car park located here which can get expensive. The other is located here in the Pembroke border, but parking here is limited.

Rocky Or Pebbled Beaches In Malta

There are not as many rocky or pebbled beaches in Malta. Partly because some rocks are high or not great to walk on. Here is a list of non-sandy bays which are worthwhile visiting.

11. Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi

Ghar Lapsi
Panoramic picture of Ghar Lapsi

Location: Here on Google Maps
Beach 1: 40m (w) x 20m (d)
Beach 2: 40m (w) x 10m (d)

Għar Lapsi is a small beach and not one of most popular beaches in Malta. However it has clean waters. It is usually filled with local southern Maltese and not many tourists.

There is a parking available there which is quite small. However you can park in the street. Usually since this beach does not get super busy you will find a parking spot. The thing is you may need to park further up the street. 

This beach is split into two so it is like it is 2 separate beaches. Here they are with the directions to access both:

Beaches in Malta - Ghar Lapsi map

Even though the two areas are split they are both Għar Lapsi.

Sometimes it is tricky to get down into the water from the shore. So what we tend to do is use the ladders to get down into the deeper area straight off.

This beach is good for kids. This is because it is rocky so it is not as fun and you need to use the ladder.

Up the hill there is a children’s play area with swings which your kids might want to use. So that might make up for the fact that the beach does not have sand.

Ghar Lapsi swings
Għar Lapsi, swings

12. Dwejra Inland Sea, Gozo

Dwejra inland sea in Gozo
Panoramic picture of Dwejra inland sea in Gozo

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 160m (w) x 25m (d)

Dwejra is unique. It was formed when the bottom of the surrounding rock that are higher than the bay area collapsed. It created a cave that allowed the sea to come into the bay.

Here is how it looks like from on top and from the other side.

Dwejra inland sea

Dwejar is not a popular area to go swimming. However it is beautiful and bar the few small buildings it is surrounded by natural landscape.

There are small traditional local fishing boats called Luzzu here. This is always nice to see not just from a tourists point of view, but for us locals as well. However larger boats cannot come into Dwejra because the cave to enter is not wide enough.

The water is also very clean and not deep. So you can see the pebbles at the bottom of the sea clearly.

Last time I was here I counted around 10 different species of different fish in this sea. Including small crabs and shrimp.

The parking area is only 100m meters up from the sea, but it has very limited capacity. In fact large groups of people that want to dive from there usually take up all the parking area.

There are regular tours that take groups through the cave to explore the surrounding caves in the area.

13. St Peters Pool, Marsaxlokk

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 60m (w) x 15m (d)

St Peter’s pool is in a remote area on the eastern part of Malta on the Delimara Peninsula. It is stunning, but this is not a good bay for young kids.

Most of the bay area is higher up from the water’s edge. As a result you have to jump into the sea from a high spot. That is to say unless you move to the area where you can walk into it.

A lot of people go to St Peter’s pool, to enjoy the azure blue water. Some adventurous types like jumping from high points into the water below. It is one of the few beaches in Malta where you can do this.

The drawback with this bay area is that it is in a remote area with no basic amenities. So if you decide to go you should pack yourself a nice lunch to take with you. Here is a list of things to take with you on a picnic. And here are some picnic ideas including some nice picnic food and drinks.

Parking for St Peter’s pool is around 150 meters up the road. However there is only space for around 45 cars.

14. Mġarr ix-Xini, Gozo

Location: Here on Google Maps
Size of beach: 40m (w) x 15m (d)

Mġarr ix-Xini is a small pebbled beach that is slowly gaining more popularity. There are only a small handful of small buildings here. Mostly the beach area is framed by the high cliff edges on either side of it.

Here is a video that shows the beauty of this beach.

This beach slowly slopes down into the sea and gradually gets deeper. This is good for kids, but it is remote so you may not want to take kids here.

This beach is a parking nightmare. There is barely place where you can park if you go by car. You could opt to go by the 301 bus. However you have around a 1.6km walk down to the beach area from the closest bus stop.

Mġarr ix-Xini is one of few places that is dog friendly. So you can take your pooch to get refreshed if she’s with you.

Malta Beaches Map Locations

Here is a map of the best beaches in Malta, Gozo and Comino covered. The numbers are not as they are listed on the page, but starting from left to right from 1-4 in Gozo, 5 in Comino and 6-13 in Malta.

Beaches in Malta map
  1. Dwejra Inland Sea
  2. Ramla il-Hamra
  3. Mgarr ix-Xini
  4. Xlendi Bay
  5. Blue Lagoon
  6. Armier & Little Armier Bay
  7. Paradise Bay
  8. Ghadira Bay
  9. St George’s Bay
  10. St Peter’s Pool
  11. Ghar Lapsi
  12. Gnejna Bay
  13. Golden Bay

What To Expect At Malta Beaches

Here is an overview of what you can expect of Malta’s beaches. Some beaches are blue flag beaches. Blue flags are awarded by the FEE which is based in Denmark. A beach awarded with a blue flag shows the beach adheres to strict quality standards.

It does not mean other beaches are not good and clean beaches. However it means that the blue flag beaches are more regularly maintained to higher standards.

You can also find information about the best ways to travel to these beaches. I’m mentioning this because some beaches are remote and quite far from the closest bus stop. Għadira Bay and Golden Bay are good in this sense. They are serviced by many different bus routes with bus stops that drop you off close to the beach.

General Overview

BeachTypeBlue FlagParkingFood
Golden Bay, Għajn TuffieħaSandy
Għadira Bay, MellieħaSandy
Blue Lagoon, CominoSandy + Rocky N/A
Ramla il-Ħamra, GozoSandy
Paradise Bay, MellieħaSandy/Rocky*
Ġnejna Bay, MġarrPebbles Limited
Għar Lapsi, SiġġiewiRocky 
Little Armier Bay, MellieħaSandy V. limited
Armier Bay, MellieħaSandy V. limited
Xlendi Bay, GozoSandy 
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’sSandy
Dwejra Inland Sea, GozoPebbles V. Limited
St Peters Pool, MarsaxlokkRocky V. limited 
Mġarr ix-Xini, XewkijaPebbles V. limited

*Paradise Bay is not always the same. Some years it is sandy and other times it is not. It depends on the yearly winter storms. The waves can take back or push back the sand into the beach.

General Overview

BeachTypeBlue Flag
Golden Bay, Għajn TuffieħaSandy
Għadira Bay, MellieħaSandy
Blue Lagoon, CominoSandy + Rocky 
Ramla il-Ħamra, GozoSandy
Paradise Bay, MellieħaSandy/Rocky*
Ġnejna Bay, MġarrPebbles 
Għar Lapsi, SiġġiewiRocky 
Little Armier Bay, MellieħaSandy 
Armier Bay, MellieħaSandy 
Xlendi Bay, GozoSandy 
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’sSandy
Dwejra Inland Sea, GozoPebbles 
St Peters Pool, MarsaxlokkRocky 
Mġarr ix-Xini, XewkijaPebbles 

*Paradise Bay is not always the same. Some years it is sandy and other times it is not. It depends on the yearly winter storms. The waves can take back or push back the sand into the beach.

Parking and Food

Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa
Għadira Bay, Mellieħa
Blue Lagoon, CominoN/A
Ramla il-Ħamra, Gozo
Paradise Bay, Mellieħa
Ġnejna Bay, MġarrLimited
Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi
Little Armier Bay, MellieħaV. limited
Armier Bay, MellieħaV. limited
Xlendi Bay, Gozo
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s
Dwejra Inland Sea, GozoV. Limited
St Peters Pool, MarsaxlokkV. limited 
Mġarr ix-Xini, XewkijaV. limited

Umbrellas, Showers and Dog Friendly Beaches

BeachUmbrellaShowersDog friendly
Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa 
Għadira Bay, Mellieħa 
Blue Lagoon, Comino  
Ramla il-Ħamra, Gozo  
Paradise Bay, Mellieħa  
Ġnejna Bay, Mġarr  
Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi   
Little Armier Bay, Mellieħa 
Armier Bay, Mellieħa  
Xlendi Bay, Gozo   
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s   
Dwejra Inland Sea, Gozo   
St Peters Pool, Marsaxlokk   
Mġarr ix-Xini, Xewkija 

Umbrellas And Showers

Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa
Għadira Bay, Mellieħa
Blue Lagoon, Comino 
Ramla il-Ħamra, Gozo 
Paradise Bay, Mellieħa 
Ġnejna Bay, Mġarr 
Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi  
Little Armier Bay, Mellieħa
Armier Bay, Mellieħa 
Xlendi Bay, Gozo  
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s  
Dwejra Inland Sea, Gozo  
St Peters Pool, Marsaxlokk  
Mġarr ix-Xini, Xewkija 

Dog Friendly Beaches

The only dog friendly beach in Malta from this list is Mġarr ix-Xini, Xewkija.

Water Activities

BeachWater sportsBoat Friendly
Golden Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa
Għadira Bay, Mellieħa
Blue Lagoon, Comino 
Ramla il-Ħamra, Gozo 
Paradise Bay, Mellieħa
Ġnejna Bay, Mġarr
Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi  
Little Armier Bay, Mellieħa 
Armier Bay, Mellieħa 
Xlendi Bay, Gozo
St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s 
Dwejra Inland Sea, Gozo 
St Peters Pool, Marsaxlokk 
Mġarr ix-Xini, Xewkija 

Avoiding Jellyfish by Picking the Right Beach

The best beach for you today may not be the best beach tomorrow. Some years the Maltese Islands have a lot of jellyfish in their waters. So you will need to pick and choose your beach carefully to avoid them.

It is possible to not encounter any jellyfish if you pick the right beaches. However this does not mean you will not encounter any at all. At least you can do your best to avoid encountering numerous amounts.

The thing with jellyfish is they do not propel themselves, but they are carried by water currents. This makes figuring out the best beaches to swim a lot easier.

The best thing for you to do is use the Maltese Islands Weather website Recommended Bays. You will need to check which beaches are best on the day you want to swim at the beach.

For more information on jellyfish, what to look out for and treatments you can check out this guide on jellyfish in Malta.

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UV in Malta: Monthly Levels and Guidelines

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