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Sardinia has awe-inspiring landscapes, enchanting beaches, rich cultural heritage, and mouthwatering cuisine. It is a true haven for holidaymakers of all sorts, whether couples, solo travellers or families with kids. This section on Sardinia has some valuable guides to help you plan an amazing holiday in Sardinia.


Things to do with kids in Sardinia

Kids Activities

There is something for everyone in Sardinia. That includes many activities and places to visit in Sardinia with kids of all ages.

Sardinia with kids

Sardinia With Kids

Enjoying Sardinia with kids includes family-friendly activities and suitable stays to create enjoyable experiences and unforgettable memories

Water park locations in Sardinia map

Water Parks

Discover our top 3 water parks in Sardinia for all the family to enjoy.

Handy Guides

Which side of Sardinia is better

Best Side of Sardinia

To explore one part you want to know which side of Sardinia is better. So which is the best side of Sardinia, North or South for: views, beaches, activities…

Cala Gonone partial map

Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is a beautiful, but small seaside town. Here is our list of things to do in Cala Gonone for any traveller including families with young kids.

Camping in Sardinia

Camping with Kids

Perfect for those that enjoy the outdoors, but it is also incredibly budget friendly. Here are amazing places for family camping in Sardinia.

5 days in Sardinia

5 days in Sardinia

Whether you want an authentic coastal holiday, enjoy the mountains or have a glamorous holiday here are 3 itineraries for 5 days in Sardinia.

Cala Goloritze Beach

Best Beaches

It’s time to discover the best beaches in Sardinia for families, from the rugged north to the soothing south…

Caves in Sardinia

Amazing Caves

Here is a full list of beautiful caves in Sardinia you are able to visit. The very best featured at the top with everything you need to know.

Is Sardinia Expensive

Is Sardinia Expensive?

Is Sardinia Expensive? Here is detailed information comparing different cities in Sardinia for prices on food, activities and accommodation and more.

Is Sardinia safe

Is Sardinia Safe?

In this article you will find the stats and information showing the safety level of Sardinia. It also includes some tips and advice.

Where to stay in Sardinia

5 Areas Where to Stay

Distinct areas where to stay in Sardinia for different experiences, ranging from the mountains to luxury or authentic coastal towns.

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Jellyfish in Sardinia

Find out about the different jellyfish in Sardinia and which to look out for including tips on what to do and ways to avoid them


Travel in Sardinia

Getting Around

Best Way to Get Around Sardinia by Taxi, Train and Car

Is it worth hiring a car in Sardinia

Is it Worth Hiring a Car

Here is a guide to determine if it is worth hiring a car in Sardinia, including the availability of public transport, costs and more

How to get to Sardinia

Getting to Sardinia

Read this article for a breakdown of how to travel to Sardinia by air and by sea from different European locations.

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