14 Fun Activities to do in Sardinia with Kids

Sardinia is an attractive destination for anyone including families with kids of all ages. It is a beautiful island with a great Italian vibe and delicious cuisine. There are many great organised tours by Get Your Guide for adults, and also many places to visit and activities to do with young kids in Sardinia, making it a good destination in many ways.

Here is a list of activities and places to visit with kids with various web links. Some websites are also in English, other times only in Italian. However you are able to find an activity’s location or contact details from here if you need them.

Additionally at the end of the page, I have included a map showing all the locations of the activities listed to help you make your plans. Enjoy planning!

1. Beaches

Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio

Age: All ages
Province: Various

Sardinia has some stunning, postcard perfect beaches on all sides. They are frequently compared to the ones in the Caribbean because of their crystal clear light blue water. Here are 12 Breathtaking Family-Friendly Beaches in Sardinia you will want to know about.

2. Arial Adventure Park

Adventure park

Age: All ages
Province: Various

Set in woodlands are some fantastic arial adventure parks which your kids will thoroughly enjoy! You can climb up the tree with a safety harness and climb from one tree to the next. A qualified instructor is around watching you every move to make that you and your kids are safe.

Additionally the adventure parks in Sardinia usually have other things to look forward to as well. Like zip lines, tree houses, bbq and picnic areas.

They all have baby areas where toddlers can also have a bit of fun of their own. You will need to check how long you are able to use the facilities since not all parks are the same. Usually you can stay for around 1 hour to several hours at an adventure park until you complete the trails.

Here is a list of adventure parks:

3. Water Parks

Aqualand el Arenal

Age: All ages
Province: Various

If you want more than a pool to keep your kids cool as well as entertained, then water parks are the perfect solution.

Sardinia has several water parks, and 3 of them are better than the rest, offering not just a pool, but also water slides.

Each water park has at least 5 rides for older kids and adults. On the other hand for the younger ones they have baby areas where they have shallower pools and smaller slides. You should note that these water parks do not have indoor pools, so they are open only during the hotter summer months. See all the best water parks in Sardinia.

4. Miniature Park

Dinosaur in park

Age: All ages
Province: Sud Sardegna

The Sardegna in Miniatura park has a lot of offer, including a:

  • minature park,
  • boat tour of the park,
  • dinosaur park with both static and animatronic dinosaurs,
  • aquarium,
  • 1,000 square meter indoor tropical forest,
  • aviary,
  • planetarium,
  • astronomy museum,
  • botanical garden and
  • Nuragic pavilion taking back to Sardinia 3000 years ago.

If you are interested in the park, you can pre-purchase tickets to this well rated activity here.

5. Canyoning

Age: 12+
Province: Nuoro

If your kids have a sense of adventure and like to try new things, then a 3 hour tour climbing the Codula Fuili canyon will do the trick. The tour is expensive, but it is limited to 4 participants so that the guide can safely and professionally manage the group.

It is a very rewarding experience not only because there are spectacular panoramic views from the canyon, but the kids will feel a sense of achievement and triumph over the canyon. It is one of the things you can do in Cala Gonone.

6. Butterfly House

Butterflies hanging upside down

Age: All ages
Province: Sassari

This park is incredibly large and is spread across 5 hectares of land. Its main attraction is the tropical biosphere of the Butterfly House which houses hundreds of beautiful butterflies.

You can easily spend the whole day at this theme park because there is also a pool, meadows for strolling, a modern play park for kids and a restaurant where you can sample some delicious local cuisine.

Visit website

7. Aquarium of Cala Gonone

Age: All ages
Province: Nuoro

A perfect educational trip for your kids to admire and learn about the different fish in the sea. This aquarium has 25 large tanks that showcases different fish from different seas: the tropics and also fish from the Mediterranean.

There is also a small play area for kids and a restaurant for you to spend several hours here. The kids will especially love the touch pool where they can interact with friendly small catsharks, starfish and stingrays.

Here is where you can buy tickets to the aquarium if you are interested in visiting.

Note that the aquarium is closed in winter and opens during the warmer months of the year.

8. Matherland Luna Park

Age: All ages
Province: Various

Sardinia does not have a theme park like Alton Towers in UK or Etnaland in Sicily. However they do have a largish luna park called Matherland. It is the only luna park in Sardinia that has roller coasters. You can easily spend a few hours up to a day here.

Matherland does not have a fixed location, but they move to different cities in Sardinia every few months. So they might be in a place where and when you intend to visit Sardinia with kids. They have:

  • ice rink
  • carousels
  • train
  • trampolines
  • a moto circuit
  • an enchanted castle
  • pendulum
  • and many more activities and rides

If you would like to check out all the rides have a look at the official Matherland website.

9. Caves

Age: All ages
Province: Various

Sardinia has a wonderful underground world of caves you can explore. Provided your kids don’t mind darker environments and like caves, there are several good ones that are more accessible and suitable for families.

However I would not recommend taking kids that are too young, but it does depend on the kids. Here is a full list of 16 amazing deep cavernous caves in Sardinia.

10. Escape Rooms

Age: 10+
Province: Various

Escape rooms are expensive especially if you have to pay for the family. However if you do not mind the splurge and are up for something different to do for an hour, it’s loads of fun for everyone involved.

An Escape Room company that translates all their games into English is Smeralda Escape Room (Italian website). They do not have an age restriction, but for particular rooms they require that everyone is over the age of 10. Personally, I would not take young kids to an escape room as they wouldn’t enjoy it as much as other activities. Older kids would definitely get a kick out of it.

There is also Alcatraz Escape Room (Italian website) that translate some of their rooms into English.

11. Horse Riding

Age: 6+
Province: Various

You can enjoy Sardinia at a leisurely pace on riding on horse back. There are various places in Sardinia where you can go horse riding.

Like for example Maneggio Sulcis who have a 2 hour beginners trail for anyone 6 years plus, that will take you to the salt works of S. Antioco. You will get to see spectacular views of the islets in the area. In Alghero you can get a 1 hour tour on horseback to Lake Baratz by Escursi. This tour goes through wonderful scenic country areas where you will see forests and mountains.

On the other hand at Centro Equestre Li Tauli toddlers can get a half hour introductory lesson on horse riding. Alternatively you can opt for a family horse camp with a 7 night itinerary with Far and Ride.

12. Gregoland Leisure Park

Age: 6+
Province: Sassari
Location: On Google Maps

A 11,000 square meter play group for kids equipped with slides, hop scotch, monkey bars and more. What’s more, it is on a hill so from some parts of the area you get to see an amazing view.

13. Leoland Luna Park

Merry go round

Age: All ages
Province: Sassari
Location: On Google Maps

This park is small, but it has all the stuff you would expect from any luna park so that you can easily spend an hour or two there. There are some fun merry go rounds, bumping cars and more gravity defining rides for the older adventurous kids. Of course there aren’t as many rides for the very young and it’s better for slightly older kids.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about the Leoland luna park and they do not tend to market it very well. Hence this empty official Leoland facebook page. They are open on the weekends, in the evenings from 8:30pm onwards.

14. The Little Green Train

Province: Various

The trains are not necessarily green, but they will take you through the lovely Sardinian countryside. Depending on the route you could go over bridges, lakes and valleys and see mountains and the coast to create picture perfect shots.

There are a hand full of routes you could opt for and you are always going to return back full circle to the same departing station.

This is an expensive activity. However you will be on the train for many hours with stops to various places to visit or activities to do with the kids in Sardinia.

For this kind of activity there is no age restriction. However your kids need to be a little older so that they can appreciate the scenery and tours. Moreover they would need to tolerate the whole day either on the train or touring locations.

Visit the Sardinia Green Train website

Kids Activity Locations – Map of Sardinia

Things to do in Sardinia locations map

You may prefer to stay in an area and need to pick whether to travel to the north or south. As we outlined in North vs South the North is the winning part of Sardinia by a small margin. For kids activities you have more to do in the north. However you may want to have a look at the article because you might have some other things in mind that you may like to do.

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