Free Petting Farm Ta’ Qali National Park

The petting farm in the Ta’ Qali National Park in Malta is a great way for kids to have fun seeing, petting and feeding domestic farm animals.

Age Rating: All ages
Cafe: No
Parking: Yes
Address: Ta’ Qali National Park

You can get to the petting farm using different methods of transport; public transport, hiring a car or using the hop-on hop-off bus. The hop-on hop-off bus swings by Ta’ Qali to get to the Aviation Museum, which is less than 800 meters walk to the Petting Farm.

Get Up Close to Farm Animals at This Petting Farm

The area has a main building with seven paddocks adjacent to it. At the farm you will find:

  1. a couple of play areas
  2. a couple of activity sheds
  3. aviary area
  4. the rabbit zoo
  5. duck pond
  6. fish pond
  7. chicken coop

Among the farm animals you will see a horse, donkey, goats, a llama and a pony. Most of the animals like attention and being pet. However you should take care when your kids want to pet the larger animals.

The petting farm houses some colourful birds of different species in the aviary. There are Love Birds, Partridges, Doves, Parakeets amongst others. Rabbits abound in the Rabbit Zoo area which you can go through and see up to 50 different breeds.

In the Duck pond you will be able to enjoy the rosy-billed Pochard, Mallards, Geese and other duck species. The chicken coop contains 8 hens and two cockerels. Beautiful Koi fish abound in the fish pond. This area has been specifically designed to resemble a natural waterfall and built with a bridge for visitors to cross over the pond.

My nephews love the this farm. It is one of the places we keep visiting again and again. The fish and sheep are definitely their favourite animals at the farm.

If you have the time it is worth getting some feed for the sheep and fish. You can even take a carrot or two for the rabbits, horse and donkey. The kids will love feeding the animals. They may get all saliva when they feed the sheep since the sheep will lick their hands. But there are toilets around the corner 😉

Petting Farm Ta’ Qali Information

Opening Hours

Winter: 06.30 – 19.30
Summer: 06.30 – 20.30


Free entry

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