14 Fun Things to do With Kids in Mallorca + Map

There are many things to do with kids in Mallorca (or Majorca) to keep them entertained. On this page you will not find museums, art and architecture that older kids and adults will enjoy. Instead you will find activities you can do with kids of all ages, but some activities are trailered for younger kids.

Additionally there is a guide on the 5 best areas of Mallorca for families that are next to clusters of the activities mentioned on this page if you still need to figure out where to stay.

At the end of this article you will also find a map with the locations of these activities. Now let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Aquariums

Fish in aquarium

Ages: All ages

Another great hit with kids are aquariums. There are 2 in Mallorca:

Aquarium Cabrera is only a small aquarium and not that popular. However if you are around the area it might be worth a visit. Palma Aquarium is much larger and is a considered a main attraction. Hence it is one of the best things to do with kids in Mallorca.

2. Beaches

Best beaches in mallorca - Camp de Mar
Camp de Mar

Ages: All ages

Similarly to other Mediterranean countries and islands, Mallorca has no shortage of beautiful beaches. You have a choice of sandy, rocky or pebbled beaches. However it is always better for younger kids to go on sandy beaches.

So pack a bucket and spade for them to build those sand castles! Or get involved in some sort of water activity. Here are 10 of the Best Beaches in Mallorca for the Whole Family

3. Petting Farms

Things to do with kids in Mallorca

Ages: All ages

Petting farms are awesome for both kids and adults and also an inexpensive activity at only €7.50. There are a couple of petting farms you can visit in Mallorca:

You can spend quite a bit of time at both these petting farms. At Ranxo Ses Roques you can also go horse riding.

At Fresopoli in particular you can easily spend a whole afternoon. It’s an educational experience where you can do several things. Like for example harvesting strawberries and eating them while you go along. Kids can make their own medicine cabinet from the herb garden. Or check out the flower and vegetable fields and visit the farm animals.

You can get a tour of the animal farm. Here you can learn what each animal likes to eat and how to interact with them. As well as the highlight of petting and feeding them. At Fresopoli there is no restaurant. So it is best to take a picnic lunch with you and take cover in the shady picnic areas at the farm.

4. Katmandu Park

Katmandu Park

Ages: All ages

The Best rated park in Mallorca is Katmandu. It is a theme park with all sorts of different attractions, but it doesn’t have roller coasters or anything of the sort.

Instead it has a lot of interactive elements including a small water park area with 150 different water features. There is also: a 4D experience, a magic house, a laser challenge, a shootout in the wild west and much more.

You do not have to stay at the resort hotel which is right bang in the middle of the park. However the park is definitely worth a visit at least for a day. Here is our detailed guide on Katmandu park including a map and information on the surrounding area.

5. Water Parks

Aqualand el Arenal

Ages: All ages

Water parks are perfect in summer to keep the kids cool and entertained. They of course have steep slides for older kids and adults that want to get their adrenaline going. However they also have kids areas for younger children will smaller slides.

They are not huge water parks except for Aqualand el Arenal which has around 20 different attractions, 13 of which are steep slides. In fact since this is the largest water park we created a feature on what to expect from Aqualand el Arenal.

All the rest of the parks have around 6 slides for adults and several for younger kids, except for La Reserva which has no steep slides. However all of them are big enough to keep you entertained for at least half or a full day.

Here are some waterparks in Mallorca:

6. Adventure Parks

Adventure park

Ages: 4-5+

For 1-2 hours of activity in a beautiful woodland, an aerial adventure park is a great opportunity. Your kids will have ropes strapped on all the time while they are climbing from one tree to another. Instructors are there coaching them every step of the way to ensure everyone at the park is kept safe.

It is somewhat expensive for the short time your kids can stay on the ropes, but they will definitely enjoy it.  

There are a couple of adventure parks in Mallorca. They are:

Jungle Parc Junior is exclusively for kids. They have a minimum age requirement of 4 years and a minimum height requirement of 105cms. On the other hand Tirolinas Go! have a minimum age requirement of 5 years and a minimum height requirement of 110 cms.

7. Zoos

Safari Zoo
Safari Zoo

Ages: All ages

You cannot go wrong with keeping kids entertained with animals. So a zoo is perfect and should be on your top list of things to do with kids in Mallorca. There are actually 2 zoos in Mallorca:

The Safari Zoo is larger and as the name suggests you can go travel through it in a car. That is to say whether your own or with the safari train.

It is more popular than the other Zoo called Natura Park. However in Natura Park you will still see many different birds and animals. Like for example pelicans, emu, owls, armadillos, different species of monkeys, lamas and more.  

8. Pirate Adventure Show


Ages: All ages

Shiver me timbers! Let us head to the Pirate Adventure Show with – acrobatic, fire breathing pirates. They will mesmerise you with all the jumps, balancing acts, and stunts, and draw their weapons to keep the crowd yearning for more.

The Pirate Adventure Show is a one the whole family can enjoy and separate from Pirates Reloaded which is the party that ensues after which is for anyone 18+. You can check out the antics the pirates get up to here on video.


9. Horse Riding

Pony riding

This is an expensive activity, but it is a great experience if you do not mind splurging. There are many stables that organise horse riding in Mallorca. However teens and adults are able to ride the larger horses and they do not cater for younger kids.

In general young kids are not going to get taken out on excursions. Instead they ride smaller ponies around a paddock. I compiled a list of places where kids can get pony rides, plus look forward to enjoying other activities.

10. Marineland

Marineland in Mallorca

Ages: All ages

Similarly to SeaWorld in Orlando, Marineland is a mini sized marine park with many things to do. Kids can see many different species for animals including beautiful flamingos and parrots, penguins and there is an aquarium.

The highlight however are the parrots, sea lions and dolphins where trainers put on shows with these animals. You will see them perform all kinds of tricks which will keep the kids mesmerised.

Additionally if you would like to make the day more special you can also pay for a dolphin encounter. Here you will get 35 minutes to learn about dolphins and touch and kiss them. The dolphin encounter is for anyone over the age of 4.

You can check out what to expect and buy entry tickets to Marineland here. In peak summer months it does get busy so I recommend you prebook your tickets in advance to ensure you get a ticket.

Marineland is right next to the shore, so before or after you visit the park you can walk out onto the beach for swim.

11. Go Karting

Ages: 2+

Ready, set, go! Kids of all ages love go karts. It is a rather expensive activity, but worthwhile for them to get their need for speed. Kids as young as 2 up to 7 years old can ride the mini kart up to 10kms an hour.

On the other hand kids over 8 can drive the faster go karts. Additionally they can get a driving lesson by the islands very best professionals.

Visit the Go Karting site

12. Artestruz Ostrich Farm


Ages: All ages

If you are looking for something novel and exotic, why not visit an ostrich farm? Artestruz is a family run self-sustainable farm that produces around 500 ostrich eggs per year.

As a result they have many ostriches of different ages. Including baby ostriches which the children will get to see and touch. Kids can even get up close and touch the larger adult ostriches and feed them. You can also sample their tasty eggs at their café. They can make you an nice sunny side up fried ostrich egg.

This is a great place to spend around an hour or two that is very highly rated by almost everyone that visits.

Visit Artestruz

13. Dinosaurland


Ages: All ages

For any kid that likes dinosaurs this is one of the things to do with kids in Mallorca that is a must. With 100 full size replicas, some of which are animated – this is going to be an adventure to remember!

You will see a whole variety of species. For example Velociraptor, Triceratops, the infamous T-Rex and Tritanosaur the largest dinosaur in the world! Moreover kids can become Paleontologists and dig up their own dinosaur fossil.

You can also get a complete experience by purchasing combo ticket for Dinosaurland and visit a cave – Cuevas dels Hams. These are 3 caves one of which has an underground lake and magnificent rock formations.

Visit Dinosaurland

14. Caves

Drach caves
Drach Caves

Ages: All ages

Similarly to the caves in Sardinia, Mallorca also has caves, although not as many. However they do have a huge cave called the Drach Caves that are rather spectacular. It is a series of caves that are 1200 meters long and 25 meters underground.

Additionally it supports one of the largest underground lakes in the world called Lake Martel. Here you will get a boat ride and see a live and brief 10 minute concert. It makes the experience rather special and one of the very unique things to do with kids in Mallorca.

Here are the most popular caves you can see in Mallorca with suggested entrance tickets or tours to consider:

There are also entry tickets to the Caves of Genova which is just a stone throw away from Palma city. It is still a large cave, but less popular to visit.

Things to do With Kids in Mallorca – Map

Things to do with kids in Mallorca - locations
Things to do with kids in Mallorca - locations
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