4 Reasons Not to Miss The Pirate Adventure Show

Why should you go and see the Pirate Adventure Show? Firstly the most important reason; this show is highly rated and for good reason. It is a huge success with fantastic overall customer reviews and in fact has been running for 35 years.

Secondly it has pirates- Arrr! What kid is not entertained with a show of pirates?! Thirdly, you will be entertained by dancing and all sorts of acrobatics. And lastly a good dose of laughter. Here is a short 1 minute trailer of what to expect:

How Long is the Pirate Show?

The Pirate Adventure Show is 2 hours long, but you will spend 3 hours at the theatre because the ticket price also includes dinner. The theatre opens its doors at 4:45pm. They start to serve dinner at 5pm and clear the tables before the show starts at 6pm. The show ends at 8pm, right on time for kids bed time.


Dinner is nothing fancy, its a basic meal of roast chicken, chips and a side of corn. Alternatively you can have a vegetarian burger or a fully gluten free vegan tofu burger. However, you will need to notify them beforehand if you want either one of these alternative options.

You should make sure you have room for dessert as everybody will also get a serving of ice-cream. Water and soft drinks are included in the price of the ticket, but you can also order alcoholic beverages at the bar inside the theatre.

The food is nothing much, but its something to keep you going. The highlight is the show which most certainly worthwhile.

Kids and Pushchairs

Performers use the stage, but also use the area by the tables to get on and off the stage and also perform next to the tables. Hence they will not allow you to keep a pushchair or anything bulky beside you because it is a safety risk.

You will need to leave any pushchair at the entrance office where staff will store it for safely you. However you can ask for the pushchair at any point in time, even during the performance.

One thing you should know is kids under 2 years of age can go in for free. However they will not have a seat and they are not catered for food wise.

After Party

After the Pirate Adventure Show there is the Pirates Reloaded night which is strictly for anyone 18+. It is certainly a very different kind of party. Still an intense party for those that like the party scene. It’s got the pirates from the show hanging around doing acrobatics while guests have a fun night out.


The Pirate Adventure Show theatre is located at Cami Sa Porrassa 12, 07181, Mallorca, Spain here on google maps. It is very close to many other activities in the area that are suitable for kids, as is outlined in the article on Katmandu Park.

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