Fun and Amazing Family Holiday Destinations

There are many different family holiday destinations that have a full range of activities.

You can check out the destinations we covered so far here below. Each destination does not just have activities listed. You will also find relevant and helpful information about the country included in each section.

Family Holiday Destinations in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean countries are mostly known for their hot climate and deep blue and turquoise seas. However they have a bucket load of activities not just for adults, but also for kids. As a result they make great family holiday destinations.

Here are holiday destinations where you will find a list of fun activities to keep your kids occupied.


Map of Malta

Holiday in Malta, Highlights, Kids Activities, Itineraries, Guides

Views in Gozo

A Guide to Gozo – Getting There, Cost and More

Malta or Mallorca

Malta or Mallorca: Scenery, History, Costs and More

Is Malta expensive

Is Malta Expensive? A Detailed Price Guide for Tourists



Holiday in Sicily: Highlights, Activities, Itineraries and Guides

Which part of Sicily is better - East vs West

East vs West: Which Part of Sicily is Better?

is Sicily safe

Is Sicily Safe for Tourists?

Sicily or Malta

Comparing Sicily vs Malta: Choosing Your Mediterranean Escape


Sardinia map

Holiday in Sardinia: Activities, Itineraries and Guides

Is Sardinia Expensive

Is Sardinia Expensive? A Detailed Price Guide for Tourists

Travel in Sardinia

Best Way to Get Around Sardinia by Taxi, Train and Car



Bali Beach in Crete

Crete Family Holidays, Kids Activities, Itineraries and Guides

Elafonissi Island Beach

10 Best Beaches in Crete for Families + Map Locations

Is Crete Safe?

Is Crete Safe for Your Holiday?

Best way to get around Crete

Best Way to Get Around Crete: Public Transport, Car Rental & Taxis


Activities for kids in Corsica

Corsica Family Holidays, Kids Activities, Itineraries and Guides

Best side of corsica

Best Parts of Corsica: History | Activities | Scenery | Beaches

Is Corsica expensive

Corsica Travel Costs: Accommodation | Food | Activities | Transport

How to get to Corsica

How to get to Corsica: Plane, Train or Ferry

Mainland Spain


14 Fun Things to do With Kids in Madrid + Map

Gulivers park

15 Fun Things to do With Kids in Valencia + Map

Roller coaster

9 Fun Things to do With Kids in Seville + Map 


Borghese Garden Lake

Villa Borghese Gardens – A Perfect Place for Families


9 Rome Highlights: Top Attractions You Cannot Miss

Cruise Stunning Family Holiday Destinations

If you want to plan as little as possible or get a little taster of several places all at once, a cruise is the perfect answer. With many world-class cruise liners that travel around the world, you have as many options of as you could possibly imagine.

Additionally most mainstream cruise liners welcome families with very young kids onboard. Hence on this site you will find a cruise section with the following guides and resources for families.

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