15 Fun Things to do With Kids in Valencia + Map

Valencia is another fantastic and beautiful city in Spain’s repertoire. There are many great attractions including many fun things to do with kids in Valencia. You can find all the main attractions of Valencia like the Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail on any website. However on this article I list exclusively kids activities.

As an additional handy resource, you will find a map with all the activities listed at the end of this article.

1. Gulliver Park in Turia Garden

Gulivers park

Turia Garden is a beautiful park with several things; bike paths and bikes for rent, a skating area, running tracks, soccer fields and cafes. However the highlight is Gulliver Park and one of the unique things to do in Valencia with kids.

This park is a recreation of Gulliver tied down to the floor in Lilliput like in the book of Gulliver’s Travels. It’s a whimsical and massive play ground with many slides. Kids can slide down Gulliver’s hair or down the side of his jacket.

What is nice about this park is that you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the park and greenery. You can even have a picnic in the surrounding areas. However the best part of this is that is it free.

2. LEGO Fun Factory

Lego blocks
Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

The Lego fun Factory is one of those awesome things to do with kids in Valencia where they can spend a half or full day out. They can learn through play and you can have some down time while you watch.

The space is split into two: the Lego Duplo area and the Lego Classic area. The Duplo area is for younger children and the Lego Classic is for the older ones. Apart from building with Lego blocks, kids can also wade through the Lego pool, play Lego themed video games and sing karaoke until they tire out!

Visit the LEGO Fun Factory website

3. Oceanogràfic

Jelly fish

This is definitely one of those fun things to do with kids in Valencia to consider. This is because the Oceanogràfic is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. In fact they claim to have the longest underwater tunnel in Europe.

There are different areas in this aquarium showcasing different marine species from different geographical areas and habitats. Like the Antartic, wetlands, tropical areas with colourful fish, Mediterranean etc.

They even have a Dolphinarium where you can go and watch the dolphins perform tricks. In fact they enjoy everything, but the Dolphinarium is a huge hit with kids.

Check out review and images of the Oceanographic and purchase tickets here.

4. Museum of Science

Museum of Science in Valencia
Photo by Olesia Libra on Unsplash

The Museum of Art and Science includes the Oceanogràfic, the museum of Science and the Hemisfèric. Inside the Museum of Science in particular you will find a lot of interactive exhibitions to activate and inspire young minds.

There are also activities and kids are able to touch everything throughout the 26,000 square meters for space inside! The wide array of activities and displays have made this space a huge hit with families and kids.

Buy entry tickets to visit Museum of Science here.

5. Hemisfèric

Hemisferic in Valencia
Photo by Olesia Libra on Unsplash

From the outside the Hemisfèric looks like an eye complete with a pupil and eyelid. The pupil is where the large-format IMAX screen is. Inside you can can choose to enjoy viewing a screening on the universe, sea life or dinosaurs. This is great for older kids that are able to sit down and enjoy it.

You can heck out reviews, images and buy skip the line tickets to the Hemisfèric here.

Another highlight for parts of the year, you will find on the outside of the building, are large transparent balls kids can climb into. They are similar to the balls you use for Zorbing, but that float on water so they are used in the pond area. Not surprisingly, the kids get a real kick out of running around over the water in these balls!

6. Beaches

Beach in Valencia
Photo by Kit Suman on Unsplash

Valencia is a coastal city, hence there are plenty of beach areas the family can enjoy. Going from north to south there are:

  • Patacona Beach (has a small playground on the beach),
  • Malvarrosa Beach,
  • Platja de Llevant,

There are also wilder beaches: Pinedo Beach, Platja del Saler, El Perellonet Playa. However for younger children Patacona beach is better. Here you have cafes and restaurants close by, but also because the waters are shallow and kids have the playground.

Additionally it is in a safer area as is outlined in the article is Valencia safe.

If you want to take the time to travel to one of the best beaches in Spain then Playa La Roqueta is where to go. In fact it is listed in our best beaches in Spain article.

7. Fun Jump Trampoline Park

The Fun Jump is around 7kms out of the city centre so it is still fairly central. Over here your kids will have 1 hour to jump around on the trampolines.

Any kid 3+ in age is welcome inside. They have an area for the younger kids. Older kids have access to more areas like the climbing section and a Challenge section. They can also play basketball using the trampolines and jump into a pool of foam cubes. Swimming out of that takes some energy, but they will most certainly enjoy it!

Visit Fun Jump (Spanish website)

8. Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia
Photo by Doina Gavrilov on Unsplash

What kid does not like animals?! Plus there is the novelty of seeing animals that they do not get to see day-to-day. A zoo visit is always great for the day because there are always a lot of animals to see.

You can see wild lions, majestic giraffes or lemurs to name a few. Apart from just seeing the animals the Bioparc also organise activities for kids. Usually on a Sunday there is an activity for 5-12 year olds so they can learn about the animals in the park and how to prevent their extinction.

Here are tickets for the Bioparc for pre-purchase so you can get to see this wonderful zoo.

9. Fallas Festival

Fallas festival
Photo by Marcelo on Unsplash

The Fallas Festival falls between 14-19th March every year. This Valencia festival is somewhat like Carnival, but not quite. The mannequins (ninots) and the parades, fireworks and entertainment are similar. You do not have to dress up, but you should wear smart clothes.

If you are travelling during this time it is well worth attending the festival. There is even a guided tour for the Fallas Festival only at this time of year. You get to see all the colourful ninots places all over the city and you will get to know the history about the festival.

Kids appreciate the creativity of the ninots, some are comical, while the satire of others is not lost on adults.

On the last day of the festival the ninots are all burned except for the winning 2 ninots of the festival. These ninots gets taken to the Fallas Museum.

10. Fallas Museum

The winning ninots of each year of the Fallas Festival gets brought here. As a result the museum has a large collection of ninots since the festival started in 1934.

Over here you can admire the fallas ninots all year round. So if you do not join the festival you will not miss out on part of the tradition.

Apart from seeing fun characters you will also notice how the ninots evolved over time because the techniques used to make them changed. Additionally you get to see promotional posters of the festivals and photographs for some more context and history.

Visit the Fallas Museum (Spanish site)

11. La Granja Park

La Granja Park is actually 5km from Valencia in Burjassot but it is so close by I had to mention it. It is a lovely park with play areas for kids. There is also an area where kids can skate, but the highlight is the train.

The train is not any ordinary train, it is a steam train that runs with coal. So it is not just the kids that will get a kick out of it, anyone that is into vintage trains will certainly appreciate it.

It is operated by volunteer pensioners and goes around the park so you can get to also enjoy the view from a different angle. The train operates during the warmer months of the year on the weekends. You can check out pictures of the train and the park on this blog which is in Spanish.

12. Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum is not large by any means, but still wonderfully interesting. The displays are well laid out with plenty of information and it is on of the more educational things to do with kids in Valencia.

houses a lot of different fossils of animals and dinosaurs which kids love and a beekeeping exhibit. It will usually take around 45 minutes to get through. One tip for those on a budget is on Sunday after 3pm you can go in for free!

Visit the Natural Science Museum

13. Tin Soldier Museum

The L’Iber Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo (Tin Soldier Museum) is in the Marqueses de Malferit Palace. It is a beautiful and unique Gothic building in the historic area of Valencia. It is close to the Cathedral of Valencia so worth a visit before or after you visit the Cathedral.

The Tin Soldier Museum has the largest display of miniatures in the world collected by D. Álvaro Noguera Giménez during his lifetime. They have 95,000 figurines of all sorts which include dinosaurs and pop culture figurines which the kids will enjoy.

Visit the Tin Soldier Museum

14. Parque Central

Another lovely green park is the Parc Central in Valencia. Perfect for kids to run around in a recreational area with fountains and greenery all around.

The park has kept the old railway buildings inside its perimeter which gives it a touch of vintage charm. Additionally it has play areas with slides, fountains for water games and a climbing wall.

There are also several areas were you can sit down and have a picnic with some nice Spanish inspired foods and snacks.

Visit the Visit Valencia website

15. CCCC – Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporania

If you are into contemporary art then this is the place to go. Kids of an older age can appreciate the art, not so much the younger ones. However for some down time, babies and toddlers have a play area here. So after you visit the museum they can have some fun.

Visit the CCCC (Spanish website)

Things to do in Valencia Map

This map does not include the beaches and of course the Fallas Festival which is celebrated all across the city. Also, the kids activities on this map are arranged from left to right, top to bottom in ascending order. That is to say, not the order in which they are listed on this page.

Things to do with kids in Valencia map
Things to do with kids in Valencia map - mobile version

The activities from 1-13 are:

  1. La Granja Park
  2. CCCC
  3. Bioparc
  4. Tin Soldier Museum
  5. Museum of Natural Science
  6. Gulliver Park
  7. Fallas Museum
  8. Parque Central
  9. Hemisfèric
  10. LEGO Fun Factory
  11. Museum of Science
  12. Oceanogràfic
  13. Fun Jump

Other Things to do in Valencia

Around 30kms away from the central area of the city you will find a water park called Aquopolis Cullera. It has around 11 different attractions including a small kids area complete with a shallow pool and little attractions suitable for them. There is also quite a lot of things adults can look forward to like the rapids and a thrilling speed race down a water slide.

You can have a look at many images on Google to get an idea of the park and you can pre-purchase tickets and look at reviews here.

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