17 Fun Things to do With Kids in Barcelona + Map

Barcelona is a stunning city that I certainly enjoyed. That is not just for how the city looks, but its history and myriad of activities. Like the ever popular and stunning La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlo, the Gothic quarter etc. There are loads of websites that cover these types of activities. However on this page I am going to cover fun things to do with kids in Barcelona.

Additionally at the end of this article you will find a handy map showing where the activities are located.

1. Barcelona Zoo

red panda

A great opportunity to see all sorts of different animals at this splendid zoo. It has 81 different enclosures ranging from the smallest meerkats to large elephants.

You can pre-purchase tickets for the Barcelona Zoo here, which will provide you a full fun day out for kids. You will also find places to buy them a nice treat of ice cream to complete their day.

2. Port Aventura Theme Park

Port Aventura theme park

Port Aventura is not technically in Barcelona as it is just outside the city and takes a 75 minute train to get there. However if the journey is too much you can always opt for Tibidabo Amusement Park featured just below this entry.

At Port Aventura you will have an awesome time. The park is made up of 3 different parks; Port Aventura, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park. You can check reviews, images and get tickets to one of the theme parks or all of them here.

Port Aventura has all the kinds of rides and roller coasters you would expect from any theme park. Ferrari Land is similar except with the Ferrari branding and plenty of cars. The aquatic park is of course a water park.

3. Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo has been around since 1928 and has a lovely vintage style to it. It has everything you would expect from any luna park – your typical carousel, bumping cars and ferris wheel. Moreover it has some more adventurous roller coasters for thrill seekers.

It is not a huge park, but you can easily spend a day here. The very little kids would not have loads to do here because there are height restrictions on some rides. However they can still enjoy the rides purposely made for them. Check out the Tibidabo website.

4. Water Parks

Aqualand el Arenal

A water park is always one of the perfect things to do with kids in Barcelona to keep cool in summer. Plus it provides good entertainment for the family for an extended period of time. There are several water parks in Barcelona:

All of them have areas for the little tots as well to splash around in shallow pool areas. However there are the steeper rides for older kids and adults. The water parks are further out from the city centre. So it will take some travel time to get there.

5. Barcelona Aquarium

aquarium fish and eel

Here is one of the things to do with kids that you can enjoy as a whole family. The Barcelona Aquarium is the largest Mediterranean themed aquarium in the world, and one of the reasons why it is so popular.

You will get to see mediterranean aquariums, tropical and other themed aquariums. There is also a children’s area with an interactive space for kids to learn. There are 50+ different interactive elements that children can investigate, touch and listen to. For an educational and fun day out, you can book tickets to the Barcelona Aquarium here.

6. Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park in Barcelona

One of the free things to do with Kids in Barcelona is to visit this lovely park. It has a few things to keep you entertained.

Firstly there are a couple of kids playgrounds, a statue of a wooly mammoth and a small lake in the middle. Here you can hire a small boat and row down the lake. You can also settle down and have a picnic to take it all in.

If you need supplies for your picnic you can get some tasty treats and quality ingredients from the famous La Boqueria market not far off from Ciutadella Park. You can even opt for a 2.5 hour Paella cooking experience and Boqueria Market tour if you have older kids. Visit the Ciutadella Park.

7. Big Fun Museum

Big Fun Museum in Barcelona

What more can you say if ‘Fun’ is already in the title, this is a cool activity that kids and you will surely enjoy. You will get to go through a lot of displays with strange creatures and amazing facts and traditions.

You can go through the topsy-turvy house where everything is upside down. The giant’s house where you will feel incredibly small. You can visit Alice Through The Looking Glass and play chess with the queen and see all the other wonderful characters from the story. Pre-book tickets to the Big Fun Museum now to guarantee yourself a spot for this quirky outing with many pleasant surprises.

8. Museum of Illusions

The museum of illusions is part of the Big Fun Museum, but in a different building just a stone throw away from each other. It has the same fun feel as the Big Fun Museum. The difference is that you will see lots of painted pictures with illusions.

You can get tickets to the Museum of Illusion only or get tickets for the Big Fun Museum also. And take the opportunity to stike a pose for some funny snaps!

9. Parc del Laberint d’Horta – Maze

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

This is a beautiful landscaped garden complete with pavilions and statues that embellish the park in a Neoclassical style. You have to pay a small fee to enter the park, but is a quiet park that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is complete with several ponds with swans paddling gracefully through them. There is also a delightful waterfall and a 2 meter high maze. The maze might not be so great for the littlest ones because they may not like getting lost. However the slightly older ones might enjoy it. See the Parc del Laberint d’Horta.

10. Chocolate Museum

At the chocolate museum you will get to know the history of chocolate and see some wonderful chocolate creations.

The reviews for the chocolate museum are mixed and not everyone that visited thought it was great. However it is an inexpensive activity and kids have the opportunity to take part in a fun activity here. They can draw with chocolate and create a tasty chocolate sculpture. Check out reviews, images and purchase tickets for the Chocolate Museum here.

11. Barcelona Bosc Urba – Adventure Park

Here is one of the most active things to do with kids in Barcelona. This indoor adventure park will get you and the kids your daily exercise with climbing and jumping different circuits.

Kids have to be 5+ to use the facilities here. Initially they can start with the high altitude jump where they jump on an elevated net. Unfortunately they only give you 30 minutes.

Kids 8+ that are at least 135cms tall can move on to more adventurous circuits. Like for example zip lining and going through a winding bridge all while safely strapped and under guided supervision. Visit the Bosc Urba website.

12. Mosaiccos

If you want a fun activity to get your kids creative minds going then this is good to consider. Mosaiccos has some classes including those for kids to create some beautiful mosaics. The courses is a little expensive at minimum of €25 for 1 hour. A 2 course which will cost more, but you have the materials included. Visit the Mosaiccos website.

13. CosmoCaixa Science Museum

The CosmoCaixa science museum has many different rooms and spaces.

It has a universe room that starts off showing the big bang and evolves to explore different things including the human brain. In this area there is also a Math Lab where visitors can check out mathematical challenges of daily life and find mathematical symmetry in nature.

There is also a geological area with fossils of both plants and animals. A flooded forest showing a fragment of the Amazon rainforest. There is also an antarctic base and many interactive things to do along the way. Visit the CosmoCaixa (Spanish) website.

14. Gaudi 4D Experience

This is not so much for the little ones that will not be able to sit still. However older kids that enjoy art and architecture will enjoy this experience. You can book the Gaudi experience to watch this short 15 minute movie is a deep dive into Gaudi’s mind in an interactive way using augmented reality.

15. Maritime Museum

If your kids like ships then this is sure to please them. This maritime museum in Barcelona has all sorts things. Including; boats, navigational instruments, old documents, model ships and much more. Visit the Maritime Museum website.

16. Museu Blau – Natural Science Museum

natural history museum

If your family enjoy all sorts of animals and plants then the natural history museum is a good place to visit. You will see all sorts of small and large animals in displays as well as fossils.

For the day, I usually prefer to opt for the zoo and see some live animals. However this is definitely a good solution if you have a schedule and its raining. Visit the Natural Science Museum website.

17. Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Magic Fountain
Photo by Duncan Kidd on Unsplash

The magic fountain is an amazing fountain show of lights that are coordinated with sound. It will dazzle all its onlookers and fantastic considering its one of the free things to do with kids in Barcelona.

Since it has lights it happens at night time when it might be past young kids bedtimes. However the show times vary depending on the season so it is best to check the start time. From then on the shows are every 15 minutes. The fountain is closed for yearly maintenance from around October to December. Check out the Magic Fountain here.

Kids Activities Map

Just a quick note, the activities on the map do not have the same numbers as what you see on the page. On the map they are numbered in ascending order starting from top left and finishing at the bottom right.

The activities that are not featured are Port Aventura and the water parks because they are further afield from the city centre.

There are other places to visit that are close by to the activities listed that may be worth a quick visit. Like for example the market – La Boqueria in Plaça de Sant Josep is close to 10, 11 and 12. There are also many children’s playgrounds around the city. So if your kids need a break you can find a playground easily because there is almost one on every block.

Barcelona - Activities for kids map

If you would like itineraries based on the activities listed on this page then you can have a look at Family Holiday in Spain, Kids Activities, Itineraries and Guides.

Other Activities – Beaches

Barcelona has some of its own beach areas which are lovely. However if you want to go to some of the best beaches, there are a couple close by to Barcelona if you do not mind the trip. Here are some of the best beaches in Spain for families.

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