11 Fun Things to do With Kids in Ibiza + Map

Ibiza is the top destination to party and it does not disappoint. However it is also a beautiful scenic island with some other things tourists can do. That includes some things to do with kids in Ibiza.

Additionally Ibiza also have some child minding services for tourists packed with activities to keep kids occupied. That means if you want to quickly go somewhere without little kids you have a few options.

1. Water Parks

Water parks are always on top of the list of things to do with kids on holiday and most certainly in Ibiza. There are only a couple of water parks in Ibiza you can check out.

The water parks in Ibiza are small, but still a good place to cool down and keep the kids entertained for a while. Both these water parks are great for little children and the other caters for all ages. So you can expect to find steeper slides perfect for thrill seekers.

2. Kids Beach Clubs

Some beach clubs have child minding services with specially designated areas for kids. Here the kids are occupied with crafts, drawing and painting and all sorts of fun activities with other kids.

These beach clubs are not just great for kids. They are a solution for you to relive the days when you used to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at a beach club.

The beach clubs kids areas also come complete with their own a la carte kids menus. They have a choice of burgers, pasta and rice options as well as fresh fish on the menu.

Here is a list of 3 kid-friendly beach clubs.

3. Beaches

Best beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza is a Mediterranean island surrounded by sea, which can only mean one thing – plenty of beaches to enjoy with the family. Here are 17 of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza that have shallow waters perfect for anyone including young kids to swim and play more safely.

There are a good mix of more commercial beaches with all the amenities you could possibly need, as well as those in more rural areas where you would need to take all supplies with you. Since Ibiza is such a small island, it is easy to travel across it to check out any beach on the list that takes your fancy.

4. Mini Ibiza

As you would expect given the name, Mini Ibiza is a place for kids of all ages. They have activities for toddlers, but they also cater to kids up to 12 years old.

Here they have all sorts of activities to keep them occupied, like crafts, gardening and cooking. However, if those activities do not take their fancy, then they might prefer to play in the garden.

You could stay with your kids while they play and take part in the activities. Alternatively you can leave your kids here while you go off to enjoy what Ibiza has to offer. Whether it is just some quiet time on the beach or opting for one of the many well rated tours to enjoy Ibiza found on Get Your Guide. This is because Mini Ibiza also offers a professional child minding service. So you can rest assured the kids will be in safe hands while you are away.

5. Adventure Park

Adventure park

Age: 4+, minimum height 110cms

If you want to do something different then an adventure park is always a good bet. Here you can have a go at travelling from one tree top to another across ropes and bridges while safely harnessed and under professional supervision.

Acrobosc Ibiza is where you need to go. It is located in a woodland and open from April to October each year.

It is one of those fun things to do with kids in Ibiza your kids will love and is somewhat expensive. However you can spend at least a couple of hours here and it will certainly burn off some of your kids energy!

6. Petting Farms


You just cannot go wrong with a petting farm when you have kids. The petting farm in Ibiza is called Can Musón and is a small farm with some cute farm animals. They have rabbits, ducks, goats and pigs and for a small nominal fee the kids can feed them.

This farm also grows their own produce which you can sample in their cafe area.

7. Slingshot Luna Park

Slingshot is a very small luna park with a few attractions that is beautifully lit at night. Its main attraction is the catapult made for you to experience what it is like to go from 0 to 100miles in 1.3 seconds.

Of course this is only for older kids and adults, but there are also trampolines and bumping cars at this park. So if you are around the area from 6pm onwards you can go to spend some time here to keep the kids entertained.

8. Go Karting

Go karting
Photo by Adam Rutkowski on Unsplash

Ages: 4+

If your kids like cars or like the idea of driving one then this is brilliant and one of the fun things to do with Kids in Ibiza. At Ibiza Karting there is also an electronic timing system so the kids can compare their time with the likes of famous F1 drivers. Such as Lewis Hamilton, Alonso and Button.

Not all the karts are the same price. There are a range of karts so you can pick a basic €10 model, a racing model for €25 or some other models in between.

Once your kids have had your fill racing you can enjoy some time playing. Either games like pool or go into the game zone where there is also a trampoline.

9. Cap Blanc Aquarium

This aquarium called Cap Blanc is unique in that it is located underground in a large natural cave. Although it is a large cave, it makes a small aquarium by modern standards.

One of the draw backs is that it does take some time to walk to this aquarium and there is no toilet. So you should use the restroom before you head on over to this place.

However it is perfect to keep kids fascinated and occupied. You will get to see beautiful turtles that are getting rehabilitated, shark eggs, star fish, sea sponges and different fish. Additionally for an extra few euro, the kids can feed the fish.

Here is the Cap Blanc website. It is a basic site, but has all the information you need before you travel.

10. Horse Riding

If you want to take in the scenery of Ibiza then riding on horseback is a great way to do it in a leisurely way. There are a few horse stables you can choose to go with that have tours of different durations.

There is Ibiza Horse Valley and North Ride Ibiza. Both places offer standard tours, but they also accommodate custom requests. Ibiza Horse Valley for example offers camping treks on request.

These tours are for older teenage children and adults. However there are half an hour tours for younger kids to get the opportunity to ride on smaller ponies at Can Mayans.

11. Ibiza Express Tourist Train

tourist train

Ibiza Express train rides are between 3-4 hours long and more suitable for older children. The tours depart from 4 different locations and are available in Spanish and English.

The trains go through picturesque areas of Ibiza including both country side areas as well as villages. You will get to know some history of the areas you go through and you may have the opportunity to have a quick swim at some beach areas. Here are the itineraries and more information about Ibiza Express.

As you can see the activities in Ibiza are somewhat limited and on a small scale. So of Ibiza does not make the cut with regards to kids activities, you can consider the neighbouring island of Mallorca. You can reach Mallorca from Ibiza by ferry which takes between 2 hours and 15 mins to 4 hours, depending on whether you take the fast ferry or not.

Here are 14 Fun Things to do With Kids in Mallorca for you to consider.

Things to Do With Kids in Ibiza Map

The activities on the map are not in the same order as they are listed in this article. They are in ascending order starting from number 1 in the north going clockwise.

Things to do with kids in Ibiza desktop

Just one thing to bare in mind is that certain areas in Ibiza are safer than others. Some kids activities are in areas that have more crime, not loads more though, since Spain overall is one of the safest countries in Europe. However you would want to keep your wits about you so here are places where to be more vigilante in Ibiza and where you can go to stay well away from the party scene.

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