17 Beautiful Beaches In Ibiza For Families + Map

Are you taking your family for a holiday to Ibiza soon? There are a couple of water parks in Ibiza as well as some fantastic beaches ideal for young families looking for some relaxed down time in the sun. This article can help you with some of that research to find the most beautiful and best beaches in Ibiza for families.

To learn more about which beaches in Ibiza are family-friendly and why keep reading.

1. Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Ses Illetes in Formentera
Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash

Location: beach here on Google Maps

This beach is actually not on Ibiza, but on the nearby island of Formentera, which I am considering as part of Ibiza. It takes 37 minutes to do the 20km journey by ferry from the port of Ibiza to the port of Formentera. The ferry can cost anywhere from €20 to almost €50 depending on what time of year you are travelling. However although it is expensive it is so worthwhile!

It is easy to see from the image above why Platja de Ses Illetes in Formentera is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. It looks like paradise on earth and wonderfully idilic, with its Caribbean-like white sand, and crystal clear turquoise water. It is similar to quite of a lot of beaches in Sardinia, many of which are also just as stunning.

Like most of the beaches listed on this page, the waters of Platja de Ses Illetes are perfect for little ones to play. They are shallow and only slowly start to get deep gradually. Additionally because they are so shallow the water is incredibly warm.

You can take food and drinks with you to Platja de Ses Illetes to make the day more cost effective. However there are a few places around the beach where you can grab a bite. Although if the closest one is busy you will have to walk around a 300 meters to get to the next restaurant, and another 500 meters to get to the one after. So if in doubt take a small amount of supplies or consider having lunch earlier in the day. However do not let that put you off, because this really is an amazing beach.

2. Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vincente, Ibiza
Photo by Michael Tomlinson on Unsplash

Location: here on Google Maps

Cala San Vincente has a little bit of a different look and feel than quite a lot of the beaches in this top list. With golden sand rather than white, this beach is much more commercialised with so many restaurants, resorts, and tourist shops that line the streets as you make your way down to the beach.

If you are wanting to have a more luxurious rather than adventurous beach experience in Ibiza, Cala San Vicente is the beach that is most likely going to be able to provide that for you.

If you just wanted to quickly visit this beach, there are a couple of itineraries of the Ibiza Express tourist train you might want to consider.

3. Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa in Ibiza
Photo by Karol Chomka on Unsplash

Location: here on Google Maps

Cala Bassa is a great place to start if you are wanting to explore the west end of the island. The beach is completely lined with white sand that seems like it goes for miles and miles.

In addition to the soft sand that is perfect for playing in and making sandcastles with your kids, is the shallow water for them to splash and play around in. The shallow water goes out fairly far so there shouldn’t be too much worry about your kids getting caught in any tough waves. This can make it easy for them to independently snorkel, swim, and explore without you having to constantly keep an eye on them.

4. Portinatx Beach

Location: here on Google maps

Portinatx Beach is located on the North end of Ibiza. Portinatx is a family favourite beach that tons of families go to. If you are looking for an atmosphere where there are other families and want to socialise that way, this beach would be a great option to do so.

The beginnings of the water and the beach start very shallow and have a gradual lead into deeper water, but there is no steep drop-off to worry about. There are also options for mum and dad to go grab dinner at the restaurants or hotels that are to the side or right behind the beach which makes it easy to still be close to your kids.

Around 100 meter way from Portinatx Beach is Cala Portinatx located here. It is also rather lovely and popular with families. Moreover, Partinatx is one of the places you can go to get away from clubbers.

5. Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida in Ibiza
Photo by Ana Maria Tomescu on Unsplash

Location: here on Google Maps

Cala Tarida is a best-of-both-worlds kind of beach. On one end of the beach, you have calmer, smoother waters that are more shallow and geared towards ideal activities for young kids. If you have older kids who are a little more independent and want to go out exploring the other end of the beach with fewer kids in the way. On this beach, there are jet skis and volleyballs available for rent that you can play with as a family. You could easily spend a full day here enjoying all the different things there are to do at Cala Tarida beach so if you plan on visiting this one make sure you allow enough time to do everything.

6. Cala Llenya

Location: Here on Google Maps

Cala Llenya is a great beach to go to if you are wanting both a family-friendly experience as well as an experience of how the locals enjoy the beach. This beach has a change of scenery than what you may experience on the other beaches, with the backdrop of pine trees and cliffs that are behind the beach that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Ibiza. There is a shop on the beach that sells food and drinks but because this beach is so popular and there is only one close spot for food on the beach, it would be smart to go before or after you eat to avoid long lines that take away from your beach time.

7. Playa Es Canar

Location: here on Google Maps

Playa Es Canar is the beach you are going to want to visit if you are staying close by and don’t want to travel very far to spend the day on the beach. This beach is so closely located to a strip of many popular hotels as well as several restaurants and a bar.

In addition to this beach being so close to many hotels, there are so many family-friendly activities that are available to you on the beach that are so easy to use and will ensure a great time for every member of the family. There are also several souvenir shops along the beach that you can visit as well while your kids play around in the water so you can get some shopping done.

8. Cala Nova

Location: here on Google Maps

Literally a stone away from Playa Es Canar, Cala Nova is the perfect spot for kids or even beginner adults who are wanting to learn how to surf. Most of the time the water is shallow and provides an ideal depth for young kids to play in on the shore, but if the winds are fast enough they can create big waves that are perfect for surfing. In addition to many surfing lessons going on, there are some nicer restaurants that line the beach that would be great to come to take a sunset walk on the beach before or after dinner with your spouse. If you want to visit other beaches during the day and come enjoy Cala Nova as you eat dinner on the beach that would be an option too.

9. Platja S’Estanyol

Location: Here on Google Maps

Platja S’Estanyol is a more private, secluded beach surrounded by rocky cliffs. If you are wanting some more private, one-on-one quiet time with your family, Platja s’Estanyol is an ideal beach for you to spend time at.

While many locals know about it, they are very respectful and understanding that there are not many beaches left like this one that allows you a quiet, peaceful experience on one of Ibiza’s beaches. This is also a popular spot for pictures too so if you are wanting some family pictures taken of your time in Ibiza, Platja s’Estanyol is the place to do it.

10. Playa De Santa Eulalia

Playa De Santa Eulalia in Ibiza
Photo by Pilar Camacho Álvarez on Unsplash

Location: here on Google Maps

Playa De Santa Eulalia is situated in Santa Eulària des Riu. It is an area that boasts not only beautiful beaches, but also an old town which you can explore. This area has a very laid back feel and a popular among families looking for a holiday in Ibiza.

Playa De Santa Eulalia is one of the best beaches in Ibiza, but also one that is quite commercialised. With many hotels, restaurants all lined up behind the beach whenever you need. You can get sun lounges and umbrellas to relax and stay out of the sun.

There is also a beach club with child minding services for parents with young children close by. So if parents wanted to have some down time in a fun atmosphere this is a great solution. The kids are taken care of and kept busy with crafts and other activities so parents do not need to concern themselves about a thing.

11. Cala Vadella

Best beaches in Ibiza

Location: here is Google Maps

Cala Vadella not only offers a beautiful view as you stand on the beach looking out onto the water but also a beautiful drive as you approach the beach itself. Not many beaches have as vast and wide, almost panoramic views of the ocean as this one does as you drive down onto the beach. While there are numerous restaurants and bars for the parents to enjoy, the beach remains a quality place to bring your kids to enjoy the shallow water. You and your family can even snag one of the long beach chairs that are planted under big umbrellas to hide away from the hot sun when needed.

12. Playa de Talamanca

Location: Here is Google Maps

Playa de Talamanca is the easiest beach to reach if you are staying in Ibiza town. If your family loves to stay at more luxury hotels and stay on that side of town when traveling, then Playa de Talamanca is the beach that is going to be most accessible to you and your family during your stay in regard to proximity. If you are wanting more of a relaxing trip and only have the beach be a short walk away, Playa de Talamanca is the beach to stay close to. The white sand against the clear water makes for a beautiful view out of your hotel window so even if you aren’t physically on the beach you are still able to have a stunning view anyway.

13. Cala Llonga

Location: Here on Google Maps

Cala Llonga is one of the beaches in Ibiza that is specifically geared toward children specifically. It is surrounded by cliffs so it is nicely sheltered from the wind for the most part even if the weather forecast predicts strong winds, this beach is a safe bet to still have an enjoyable beach day. When you get tired of sitting on the beach, there are shops and restaurants you can visit along the street that is right next to the beach, and then go back and continue your beach day. Many people enjoy watching the sunrise and the sunset here as well when there aren’t a ton of people on the beach.

14. Latja de Ses Salines

Location: Here on Google Maps

Latja de Ses Salines is on most people’s bucket lists for when they come to visit Ibiza. Not only is it covered for long stretches in soft white sand, but there’s a nature reserve park, sand dunes, and pine forests all surrounding the beach. This gives you a variety of scenery and activities to enjoy. With shallow waters, this makes a great beach for young kids to get in the water and enjoy their own beach time. This beach can get super busy because it’s so popular among tourists and even locals, so plan your time accordingly.

15. Cala Gració

Location: Here on Google Maps

Cala Gració is probably the risk-free, safest beach for young children in the Ibizia area. This beach is set in a hidden away space in a little cove that hides the water from any current or wind that could create waves or pull that could be dangerous for your children as they spend time in the water. Because it is more hidden, it’s a more private, intimate setting to spend personal time with your family. If you are wanting to get away from all the loud, tourism in Ibiza and have your own moment on the beach with your family, Cala Gració is the beach you will want to visit for sure.

16. Platja des Figueral

Location: Here on Google Maps

Es Figueral is the beach that is the most common type of beach that many local families will come to. If you are wanting a local family experience in regards to being on the coast and on the beach, Es Figueral is a great option. Many of the locals will have their families there and will be a great opportunity to see how they live. Catching crabs is a favourite pastime of the local children as well as snorkeling. If you are worried about only having things to do for the kids, don’t worry there are restaurants up the hill that are easy to access and can help after you and your family are tired and hungry after a long beach day.

17. Cala d’Hort

Location: Here on Google Maps

Cala d’Hort is one of the more famous, well-known beaches because of the Es Vedra rock which is a frequent tourist destination that you can only get to from off of Cala d’Hort beach. That being said, there are many people that come to the beach just for catching fish or crabs or to play in the water.

Don’t feel like you can’t come to Cala d’Hort just to go see Es Verda rock, there are plenty of other ways to experience this beach. Es Verda isn’t the most kid-friendly activity, but there are other options for kids on this beach.

Best Beaches in Ibiza Map Locations

The beaches are in ascending order from the top working clockwise and not in the order of our top list above.

Best beaches in Ibiza map mobile
  1. Portinatx Beach
  2. Cala de Sant Vicent
  3. Platja des Figueral
  4. Cala Llenya
  5. Es Canar
  6. Cala Nova
  7. Playa De Santa Eulalia
  8. Cala Llonga
  9. Platja S’Estanyol
  10. Playa de Talamanca
  11. Platja de Ses Illetes
  12. Latja de ses Salines
  13. Cala d’Hort
  14. Cala Vadella
  15. Cala Tarida
  16. Cala Bassa
  17. Cala Gració
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