4 Best Portable Kids Picnic Tables

Kids picnic tables

There are only a small handful of portable tables for kids. However it is nice for them to have their own table they can easily reach. Either to enjoy eating or to play on. Or perhaps to keep them off the ground as much as possible so as they do not become excessively dirty. Here is a small list for you to pick a portable kids picnic table that your kids will enjoy.

Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella Sets

Here are a couple of more fund designs of portable kids table sets.  

Colourful Outdoor Kids Bistro Set

This kids picnic table set comes with everything needed for 2 kids: 2 chairs, 1 table and 1 parasol. The chairs fold flat similarly to adult picnic chairs. Additionally it is easy to assemble the table to use it and disassemble again for storage. The umbrella is a nice touch to keep the kids under cover.

The chairs and table have non slip legs for better stability. The table top is easy to wipe clean because it is made of plastic. However you might need to think of something if it’s windy because they may tip over. You may need to weigh the table and umbrella down with something to stop this from happening.

The dimensions of the items are: chairs (unfolded): 39cm (W) x 37cm (D) x 53cm (H). table: 50cm (diameter) x 48.5cm (H). parasol: 100cm (diameter). You can check out this set on Amazon here.

Relaxdays Kids Picnic Table Sets

The Relaxadays set comes with 2 chairs, 1 table and 1 parasol. It comes in 5 different designs: a panda, animals, mouse, monster and unicorn style. They have exactly the same specifications, chairs (unfolded): 36cm (W) x 37.5cm (D) x 53cm (H), table: 49.5cm (diameter) x 49.5cm (H), parasol: 100cm (diameter).

This kids picnic set does not require any assembly. Just open up the chairs and insert the umbrella into the table and you are ready. This set is made out of iron, polyester and plastic and weighs 3.7kg in total.   

Similarly to the Marko outdoor kids set, this table will tip over if it’s windy. You will need to weigh the table and umbrella down with something to avoid it happening. What is handy about this set is that you can adjust the height of the umbrella. It can go as low as 88cm or as high as 126cm.

Plain Design Picnic Table for Kids

Here are some other picnic tables for kids that you could consider. They are also foldable, but they do not come as a set. So you will have to buy the chairs and the umbrella separately.

Lifetime Square Folding Table

This kids picnic table from Amazon is 61cm (W) x 61cm (D) x 53.3cm (H). It is made out of high density polyethylene in an almond colour and a patented steel frame. Additionally it has a weather-resistant finish. It is a robust and sturdy table that does not crack, chip or peel.

This table on its own weighs 4.5kg and is a really good quality table. You can comfortably sit 4 tots at this table, one on each side.  

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